Eurovision 2020: Got your ticket?Make it personal

The first wave of ticket sales for the upcoming Eurovision 2020 event in Rotterdam, The Netherlands began at noon yesterday, with Babet Verstappen, the PR manager of the contest, announcing that most of the tickets were purchased by Dutch and British.

Ticket availability began at 12:00 CET  yesterday, and within 20 minutes all tickets were sold, with the number reaching 23,000. As expected, the Dutch are in the first place, followed by the British and Belgians in the second and third place,respectively. The contest in the Netherlands seems to have prompted neighbors to secure tickets to watch the 65th Eurovision Song Contest.

These tickets included 9 total shows, both for the three live broadcast nights, as well as for the family shows and jury nights. But for the lucky ones who caught up and bought the coveted piece of paper to enjoy some of the shows at Ahoy Arena, the process doesn’t end there.

The organization committee of this year’s Eurovision, as it were reasonable, to avoid the “black market” of tickets, that is to say the sale of tickets at higher prices, initially restricts the maximum number of tickets available to 4 per person and in addition, demands another procedure: the personalisation of ticket.

Ticket personalization procedure

Upon payment of the ticket, each buyer receives a confirmation email at the same time receives another email requesting further personal information, such as the full name, e-mail address and date of birth of each attendee. Once someone has completed filling in these personal details, he will then receive his regular ticket. IMPORTANT: Ticket personalization runs from December 13th to December, 12:00 CET time to December 20th 23:59 CET time. If one fails to complete this procedure within the set deadline, then he loses his ticket and receives a refund.

Two more set of tickets

Of course, tickets for Europe’s biggest music contest weren’t sold out yesterday, but for those who didn’t get a ticket, there will be two more “wave” of tickets. According to the Dutch public broadcaster NOS, which is helping to organize the competition, there will be fewer tickets for the next two phases of ticket sales, estimated at around 20,000 at each stage.

The number of tickets for the third phase will come after the stage design and installation of the necessary equipment for the competition has been completed. It is estimated that in all three phases, about 65,000 tickets will be sold.

Tickets will go on sale again in late January, but also in mid-March. The exact dates will be announced at a later stage.


Beware of ticket purchases

Particularly cautious must be those who intend to buy tickets to view the contest closely, with the official Eurovision channel urging buyers to visit only the official ticket sales pages (Paylogic and Ticketswap).


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