Moldova: Natalia Gordienko reveals more information regarding her participation in Eurovision 2021.

In a recent interview the representative of Moldova in Eurovision 2021 Natalia Gordienko, revealed further information about her participation at the upcoming Eurovision.

She spoke about her first participation in Eurovision 2006, the cancellation of Eurovision 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, her participation in Eurovision 2021, her son and her desire to get involved in politics.

In 2006 she represented Moldova together with Arsenium and the song Loca. As far as this experience she stated that:

My heart was beating so fast because of fear, my palms were sweating, I though I had forgotten the lyrics.

After the cancellation of Eurovision 2020 she stated that:

I was singing, drinking and shouting for days to recover.

She mentioned how she was approached for the representation of Moldova in Eurovision 2020:

For a long I wanted to return to Eurovision, but it dawned on me that I couldn’t stand the whole process. Last January, Phillip Kirkorov told me that the Dream Team had a song for me and he wanted me to fly to Athens for the recording.

In the end, she revealed new information for the song with which she will compete in Eurovision 2021.

Another new song is already ready. And if Prison was a ballad, then this is a purely dance song about sex and youth people.

As you first read at EurovisionFun, the new song will have nothing to do with Prison, this year’s participation of Natalia Gordienko. The song will be rhythmic… very rhythmic! Its sound and not its melody, we can say that it reminds us of Maruv’s song, The Siren Song, with which she would have represented Ukraine at Eurovision 2019.

The participation of Natalia Gordienko is signed by the Dream Team. The song has been composed jointly by Dimitris Kontopoulos and Philipp Kirkorov, while the director will be Fokas Evangelinos.

The recording of the song took place in Moscow, since due to travel restrictions it was not possible for Natalia Gordienko to visit Athens. Vocal coach this time as well as in the case of Uku Suviste was Victoria Chalkiti, while the both Philipp Kirkorov and the project manager of the project, Elias Kokotos were present. The recording took place in Vi Studio.

Natalia Gordienko has a different strategy for Eurovision 2021. Until then, let’s remember the Prison, with which she would have represented her country ,Moldova, in this year’s competition:

Sources: Realitatea, pavelzingan


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