Edsilia Rombley: “The Eurovision Song Contest will not take place in its original form”!

Edsilia Rombley, who has represented the Netherlands twice in the contest (1998, 2007) and is one of the hosts of Eurovision 2021, said a little earlier in a radio interview on NPO Radio 1 that the upcoming event will not take place in its traditional form, thus confirming that a full Ahoy is no longer among the options being considered by the organizers.

I think we can rule out the possibility that it is a festival like the one organized in previous years. The body calls every moment of the day to see what is possible. But we have to wait and see how the pandemic develops… Last year we proved that it is possible in a certain way and this year we will do a combination of it.

Edsilia Rombley

In less than a month, the Dutch organizers and the EBU will announce the scenario according to which the 65th Eurovision Song Contest will take place in May in Rotterdam. According to the latest statements from both Edsilia Rombley and Sietse Bakker, executive producer of Eurovision 2021, scenario A, which includes a contest as we know it, no longer exists on the table.

What is certain is that both the EBU and the Dutch organizers are determined to hold the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021, which for the first time since 1956, did not take place last year. As early as September, the four possible scenarios were announced, according to which the competition will be held, depending of course on the course of the pandemic.

Scenario A: A regular Eurovision Song Contest

In this case, the Eurovision Song Contest will normally be held from the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam with 9 performances (including dress rehearsals) in a packed venue, with delegations and artists from all participating broadcasters and many activities in and around Rotterdam.

The feasibility of this scenario largely depends on the availability of a possible vaccine for COVID-19 or the availability of reliable drugs. It is the most optimistic scenario and what we hope will prevail in the end!

Scenario B: Contest with distances and precautionary measures

All attendees of the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam should exercise social distance and stay 1.5 meters apart at all times.

Again, there would be 9 performances, with an audience in the arena, but with limited occupancy to allow for social distances.

Groups from each participating broadcaster would travel to Rotterdam, but with limits on the number of people in each delegation and the number of press that could attend. Activities in and around Rotterdam will be adjusted accordingly.

Because there would be less public space in this scenario, a new seating arrangement would have to be created. If this happens, a fair draw will be held to decide who can watch each show. There will be more information about this in the first months of 2021. Whoever is not successful in the draw, will be reimbursed, of course, the full purchase amount for his tickets.

Scenario C: Eurovision Song Contest with travel restrictions

A Eurovision song contest, from the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam as in scenario B, with 9 performances and a limited number of members in the arena.

If there are delegations that can not travel to Rotterdam, their artists will appear from their country.

All delegations will be concentrated in Rotterdam. The delegations of the countries to which they are allowed to travel and the opening and interval act will be presented live.

Here again we will have a limited number of people in delegations, as in scenario B, but the difference here is that we will have countries that probably due to travel restrictions can not be found in Rotterdam and thus will appear from a studio in the country. their. A scenario that is very similar to what will happen at Junior Eurovision 2020.

Scenario D: Eurovision song contest like Junior Eurovision 2020

If the situation with the pandemic worsens and there are strict measures in the Netherlands, then we will see a competition just like Junior Eurovision 2020, ie with all entries appearing from studios in their country, through live on tape videos.

We are now looking forward to seeing which of the remaining three scenarios will be chosen in the end. What do you think?

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