Turin Eurovision candidacy at risk after scandal as Bologna advances hosting preparations!

The selection process to know which city will host the 66th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Italy are progressing.  Unfortunately for early favorite city Turin, an ongoing judicial investigation may seriously damage its chances to host the contest.  The company that manages Pala Alpitour (the proposed arena to host the competition in Turin) is investigated for its alleged involvement with the mafia.  At the same time, Bologna has continued their own preparations for their Eurovision candidacy.

Mafia scandal puts Turin candidacy at risk

Turin’s prefect, Claudio Palomba ordered an investigation against Parcolimpico srl.  The company faces accusations of having links with the mafia.  The potential consequences of such an investigation will likely jeopardize the future of the Turin candidacy.  Parcolimpico manage the facilities Turin inherited from the 2006 Winter Olympics.  This includes the Pala Alpitour arena, the proposed venue for Eurovision 2022.

The news has been confirmed by La Stampa, one of the most widely circulated newspapers in Italy.  The piece report also includes the statements of the Turin’s prefect.  Henceforth, these revelations put Turin’s candidacy in bad light.  After Måneskin’s Eurovision victory Turin was the early favorite to become the hosting city for 2022.

Bologna advances hosting preparations

Conversely, Bologna, one of the strongest candidate cities after Turin has presented to the press all the details of its candidacy.

For instance, in case RAI and the EBU select Bologna as the hosting city, the Insignia handover ceremony as well as the Semi-Final allocation draw will take place in January in the hall of Bologna’s city council.

According to the plans, the 2022 Eurovision carpet ceremony will keep its Turquoise color since the big sponsor of the event will be Moroccanoil.  The Turquoise party will take place in Piazza Maggiore’s U area.

Should the health conditions regarding the pandemic allows it, the Eurovillage will return to Piazza VIII Agosto, the largest square in Bologna.

Moreover, if the circumstances allow it the Euroclub will also make its return.  Bologna is planning to have its own Euroclub on Spazio DumBO , a huge closed parking lot.

As previously reported, Bologna has two potential host venues for Eurovision 2022: the Fiera and the Unipol Arena.

In short we will know which city will host the Eurovision 2022.  According to the EBU plans the city announcement will be public by the end of August.  There are still 11 cities competing to host the event including  of course, Turin and Bologna.


Which city do you think will host the 66th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest?


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