Eurovision 2022 Poll: Vote for the Grand Final!

After the voting for the two semi-finals, that we received 2300 different votes, and the announcements of the results (for the first and the second semi-final) follows our big poll for the Grand Final.

We vote until Wednesday 20th April for our 10 favorite songs, voting with scores like in Eurovision, ie with 12-10-8 the most favorite respectively, and with 7-1 the rest songs of your top 10 (with 1 point in the song that you have in 10th place)

Votes that do not contain all the sets of points are considered invalid and are not counted.

The running order of the Grand Final emerged after an allocation draw for the Grand Final half of each country, the results of which were announced in the videos of the semi-finals (first and second). Then, the countries were put in order taking into account the same criteria as the organizers of Eurovision (type of each song, etc.). Therefore, the running order of the Grand Final is the following:

  1. Austria
  2. Armenia
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Serbia
  5. Poland
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Netherlands
  8. Albania
  9. Italy
  10. Belgium
  11. Greece
  12. Estonia
  13. Croatia
  14. Cyprus
  15. Portugal
  16. Finland
  17. Lithuania
  18. Ukraine
  19. Azerbaijan
  20. France
  21. Australia
  22. Norway
  23. Sweden
  24. Germany
  25. Spain

Follows the Grand Final recap, but also the voting form:


The results will be announced on Monday 25/4 through a detailed voting video by Douze Points. 50% of the results will be determined by your votes and the remaining 50% by the authors of Eurovisionfun.

You can vote for the Grand Final of our poll here!

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