Greece: Stefania confirmed as Eurovision 2022 spokesperson!

Stefania Lymperakaki will announce this year the 12 points of the Greek jury, in the Grand Final of the 66th Eurovision, which will take place on Saturday, May 14, 2022 at the Pala Olympico in Turin, Italy.

A year later, Stefania – who with “Last Dance” brought Greece to the top 10 of the Contest – presents her own music show in the Netherlands, has released three new singles, while starring in a movie that will be released in September. In this year’s final of the Competition, she undertakes another role, to give in a live broadcast the highest score of the Greek jury.

Maria Kozakou and George Kapoutzidis, faithful to their appointment for another year, will be in charge of the commentary on the Eurovision 2022 broadcast, which we will watch live on ERT1, ERTFLIX, the Second Program and the Voice of Greece, at 10, 12 (Semifinals) and 14 May 2022 (Grand Final), at 22:00.

Greece with Amanda Georgiadi and the song “Die together” competes on May 10, in the First Semifinal.

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