Eurovision 2022: Australia’s Second Rehearsal!

Seventh day of rehearsals in Turin and the last countries of the Second Semifinal are ready for their rehearsals. Australia is first on the scene. She is represented by Sheldon Riley with ‘Not The Same’.

Who is Sheldon Riley?

Sheldon is known both for the strong visuals in his performances and for his fascinating music. Performing, singing, writing and playing the piano is inherent in what it is, considering music as the purest way of expressing one’s emotions and allowing oneself to heal.

In February 2022, Sheldon won the Eurovision – Australia Decides with his song Not The Same, but this was not his first time on television, having previously competed in The X Factor Australia, The Voice Australia, and even America’s Got Talent.

The rehearsal

Sheldon is at the bottom of two giant stairs, to his left and right. She is wearing a huge white wedding dress with fur, covering the floor.

He also wears silver shiny jewelry on his face and hands, as in the national final.

The lighting is quite dark, while the shots are close and from above.

A strong vocal performance by Sheldon, with his great notes ready to break up the stage.

Watch the exclusive clip of the second rehearsal through the cameras:



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