Eurovision 2022: Montenegro’s Second Rehearsal!

Next up is Montenegro with Vladana and her song ‘Breathe’. Vladana didn’t convince at the pre-parties being very weak vocally. in her first rehearsal, Vladana wears a blue dress with a particularly bright circular disc on the back. The lighting that has been chosen is really impressive, highlighting the overall appearance, while Vladana nails the song. She will try to convince with her second rehearsal that she owns a spot in the grand final.

The Second Rehearsal

Vladana’s second rehearsal starts with a rotating shot from above. She wears a blue dress and with a connected ‘satellite plate’ behind her. This plate, along with the upper part of her dress, starts to shine with lights from the second verse and on. Vladana is weak vocally, but better than the pre-parties. During the bridge, there are two silver figures in the backround. She sings the last pre chorus in Italian.

After the first run-through she complains that at some points her sound was off.

In the second run-through, the circular prop in her back and the upper part of her dress don’t turn on.

In the third run-through, the ‘satellite plate’ along with her dress turn on from the beginning of the performance.

Watch the exclusive clip of the second rehearsal through the cameras:


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