Ukraine: Preparations commence as UA:PBC submits questionnaire on security

Hosting Eurovision 2023 is already a widely discussed topic, due to the situation in the winning country Ukraine. Despite rumors and broadcasters expressing their provisional interest to host next year in case Ukraine is unable to, today the Public broadcaster of Ukraine UA: PBC issued an official statement regarding the preparations for Eurovision 2023.

On June 14th the first meeting took place between Ukrainian broadcaster and government members along with EBU representatives. The statement says:

At this meeting the contest representatives and the EBU considered the presentation of guarantees and preparatory measures, in particular the security questionnaire, potential locations for the contest hosting prepared by the team of UA: PBC together with the government of Ukraine.

The Head of the Managing Board of UA: PBC Mykola Chernotytskyi continues:

All safety and security related measures have to be prepared and implemented in close cooperation with the national authorities. So we held consultations with the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (National Police, State Emergency Service, National Guard)and the Ministry of Defense. Their experts together with security and risk assessment units of UA: PBC prepared common vision of the security situation and measures to be taken for the hosting of Eurovision next year. We thank the state authorities for their involvement and prompt preparation.

When it comes to safety concerns and the location of next years contest, the Ukrainian Minister of Culture and Information Policy Oleksandr Tkachenko added:

Yesterday we submitted a presentation of the questionnaire for the hosting of Eurovision in Ukraine to the European Broadcasting Union. Within a very short timeframe, the governmental team managed to provide thorough and comprehensive answers. Everybody worked in a very efficient and coordinated manner – from the public broadcaster and security authorities to the Prime Minister who assured with a letter that all the obligations that we have assumed will be fulfilled. We gave detailed answers regarding security questions and other organisation nuances, proposed several venues. I believe that we should have exhaustive, clear and honest answers to questions – that is what we did. We understand that in the current circumstances both we and the EBU face a challenge of organising Eurovision in Ukraine. But we have accepted this challenge and, I am sure, we will surprise everyone,

Ukraine was represented in Eurovision 2022 by Kalush Orchestra and the song Stefania, winning the contest with 631 points.

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