Ireland: Opens song submission window for Eurosong 2023!

The Irish national broadcaster RTÉ, confirmed the country’s participation in Eurovision Song Contest 2023. Simultaneously, it announced the opening of the song submission window which is going to be open until 6pm of Friday, October 28th. Again, the song that is going to represent the country in the contest will be selected through a national final.

RTÉ’s invitation aimed at those interested:

“RTÉ is pleased to announce that Ireland will once again be taking part in the annual Eurovision Song Contest which will be held in the UK in May 2023.”

“The show is particularly popular with youth audiences and younger adult viewers throughout Europe. RTÉ wants to hear from contemporary artists and songwriters with the talent and ambition to compete and succeed in this highly competitive environment. This is a rare and valuable opportunity for artists and songwriters to gain exposure on a global scale.”

The proposals that will be submitted at RTÉ’s platform, should be made only from successful songwriters and should be totally complete. It’s pointed out that they should be taken over by experienced and well known performers, something meaning that proposals made by new and underground songwriters and artists won’t be accepted. Also, RTÉ holds the right to send open invitations to established songwriters/composers and artists in order to send their proposals, eligible for being selected for “Eurosong Late Late Show Special”, the broadcast through which the national final is shown.

The selection of the proposals will be made by a committee of professionals from the music and entertainment industry and fans of Eurovision, selected by RTÉ. The performers selected will be invited for audition at RTÉ studios in Dublin.

In Eurovision 2022 Ireland was represented by Eurosong 2022 winner, Brooke Scullion, with the song “That’s Rich” and couldn’t progress to the Grand Final, finishing only 15th in the Second Semi-Final. Last time that Ireland has been in the final was 2018, with the song “Together” by Ryan O’ Shaughnessy and finished in 16th place.



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