Croatia: Listen to the songs of Dora 2023!

Today is the day that Croatia will publish the songs that are competing in Dora 2023. The publication of the songs took place at the radio programm The World of Discography and then uploaded on the official YouTube channel of Dora.

You can listen to the full songs here:

Dora 2023

From Saturday January 14th and for four weeks, the show Ususret Dori 2023 with Mija Negovetić will be broadcasted , during which this year’s finalists will present themselves, sing and answer questions from the audience.

Guests on the first show will be DetourTajana BelinaThe SplittersPatricia Gašparini and Harmonija dissonance .

The final of Dora 2023 will take place on Saturday, February 11, with the voting process not showing any changes. The winner will be determined by both the jury and the television audience with a percentage of 50% each.

Last year, Mia Dimšić with the song “Guilty Pleasure” won the national final, but didn’t manage to qualify to the Grand Final of Eurovision 2022.

Who should represent Croatia at Eurovision Song Contest 2023?

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