Czech Republic: The country changes its name to Czechia at Eurovision!

Name change for the Czech Republic in the Eurovision contest, which will now participate under the name Czechia and not the Czech Republic it used until now.

The change was confirmed by the country’s head of press in the competition, Ahmad Halloun, with a related Tweet.

The change has already been made on the various social media of the official Eurovision account, but also on the website of the competition. Vesna will be the first representatives of the country under this name.

The Czech Republic changed its name to Czechia from Czech Republic in 2016, and the new name gradually came to be used in all international competitions. In 2022, the country was named Czechia at the UN, so the change of name in the Eurovision song contest was an expected development.

Do you think that Czechia after the name change will have the luck of North Macedonia, which in 2019 managed to win the juries voting and achieve its best position in the contest?

Tell us in the comments below!

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