Eurovision 2023: Many Ukrainian artists will appear in the live shows!

The Chairman of Suspilne has revealed to the Ukrainian press some important information regarding Eurovision Song Contest 2023 and the developments of the show in Liverpool.

Mykola Chernotytskyi has announced that at least one host from Ukraine will feature in the show. According to him, the Ukrainian host has been chosen, but not publicly presented yet.

There will definitely be a presenter from Ukraine, we know who, but we cannot say. In general, the British are very open to involve Ukraine in the process as much as possible. They say that they are organising the Eurovision Song Contest, but on behalf of Ukraine.

The music for the contest has been requested from one of the judges on the Ukrainian version of X Factor, Dmytro Shurov.

The Creative Director of Ukraine at ESC, German Nenov, has spoken about the involvement of Ukrainian culture during the live shows. There will be multiple Ukrainian artists appearing throughout the whole Eurovision season. Some will be singing on the stage, the others will be acting in any other role. These are his words:

There will be a large number of Ukrainian artists who will be announced in various shows. If everything works out for us and everything will be as we planned, I can confidently say that this will probably be the largest number of involvement of Ukrainian artists in Eurovision compared to 2005 and 2017. These will be different roles. It is not necessary that this person will sing on stage. They can act in any role. But a Ukrainian musician, the face of Ukraine will appear in the show.

Source: eurovoix

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