Portugal: With Mimicat and “Ai Coração” in Liverpool!

Some minutes ago the Grand Final of Festival da Canção 2023, the last national final of the season, has ended! The show took place at RTP studios in Lisbon and was broadcast via the country’s national broadcaster, RTP.

The presenters

The hosts of the night were Filomena Cautela, Vasco Palmeirim and Inês Lopes Gonçalves.

The 13 songs that claimed the ticket to Liverpool are:

The performances of Salvador Sobral and Maro

At the end of the competitive part, Eurovision 2017 winner Salvador Sobral got on stage and performed some of his songs.

Shortly afterwards, Maro appeared to perform “Saudade, saudade“, the song that gave the country the 9th place last year.


The final result was determined 50% by the jury and 50% by the TV audience.

The jury voting has been determined as follows:

The tie between the top two was not resolved and so both Mimicat and Edmundo shared the first place.

The televoting has been determined as follows:

The winner

The big winner of Festival da Canção 2023 is Mimicat with the song Ai Coração. Listen to the studio version of the song at the link below:

Portugal has been drawn to compete in the First Semi-Final. In particular, they will appear in the first half of the evening (places 1-7).

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding Portugal’s participation in Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool!

Source: RTP

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