Moldova: Pasha’s Parfeni favorite picture and his special way of asking for financial help!

This year the official Eurovision account on social media hosts every participant of Eurovision 2023 and they all share their favorite photo in their phone gallery. Today was Pasha’s Parfeni and Moldova’s turn.


The photo that Pasha decided to share was picturing his car and he mentioned the following:

Actually, it’s my car and I’m selling it, because we really need some money. So, if you want to support our team at Eurovision Song Contest, just text me!

Indeed it is a special way of asking for financial help. Although, we cannot know for sure whether Pasha Parfeni is joking or not. The truth is that he might be commenting on the high cost needed to be covered in order for an artist to participate in Eurovision as well as the difficulty of retrieving these funds. These obstacles are much more difficult to be overcome from small countries, such as Moldova, which is often described as the most poor country in Europe.

A similar comment was also stated with a tweet of Joker Out!, the representatives of Slovenia in Eurovision 2023. Joker Out! are worried how will their belongings fit inside the 20kg suitcase that they are entitled to bring.

One thing is for sure…that every artist will be there and they will do whatever it takes, even if that would require them to sell their own car!

Moldova is participating with Pasha Parfeni and Soarele și luna in the 1st semifinal on May 9, performing 10th.

You can also watch the reaction video of EurovisionFun on Soarele și luna below:

Stay tuned on EurovisionFun for more news regarding Eurovision 2023!

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