San Marino: John Kennedy O’Connor will be the spokesperson for Eurovision 2023!

John Kennedy O’Connor will return to the contest to be the spokesperson of the San Marainese jury votes at Eurovision 2023!

Specifically, last night during the San Marinese  broadcaster’s evening news it was announced that, John Kennedy O’Connor will be the one to announce the twelve points at Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool.

John Kennedy O’Connor has appeared in the contest before as he was the first non-native San Marinese to announce the jury votes of San Marino back in 2013 and 2018. In addition, he has been a judge on 1in360, the talent show used to select a song and a singer for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018. Therefore, John Kennedy O’Connor has a close connection to the competition and lots of experience. All that remains now is to find out to whom San Marino juries will give their twelve points!

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