San Marino: Tonight the Final of “Una Voce Per San Marino”!

Today, among so many countries, the time of San Marino to choose their artist for Eurovision 2023 has come. Tonight the final of “Una Voce Per San Marino” will be completed and we will officially know the winner of the San Marinize National Final.

The show will start at 21:00 CET live from Teatro Nuovo in the center of the country and it will last approximately 3 hours. you can watch it from RTV by pressing the button here.

The Host of UVPSM:

The host of the show will be (again) Senhit, the singer represented San Marino three time in Eurovision (in 2011, 2020 and 2021) and she hosted the previous Final of “Una Voce Per San Marino”.

The jurors of the show:

Also, this morning, SMRTV revealed the jury for tonight’s National Final. The jury consists of six members which are:

  • Al Bano (singer and president of the jury)
  • Steve Lyon (producer and sound engineer)
  • Dino Stewart (managing director – BMG Music Italy)
  • Charlotte Davis (artist)
  • Antonio Rospini (artist)
  • Clarissa Martinelli (radio producer)

The results of the show will be decided only by the vote of the jury.

The finalists of Una Voce Per San Marino 2023:

Down bellow you will find the twenty two artists with their songs where one of them will claim the ticket of Liverpool in an alphabetical order:

  1. Alfie Arcuri – “Collide”
  2. Deborah Iurato – “Out of Space”
  3. Deshedus – “Non basterà”
  4. E.E.F. – “Something for You”
  5. Eiffel 65 – “Movie Star”
  6. Ellynora – “Mama Told Me”
  7. Iole – “Sul tetto del mondo”
  8. Le Deva – “Fiori su Marte”
  9. Lorenzo Licitra – “Never Give Up”
  10. Mayu – “C’è qualcosa in me che non funziona”
  11. Nevruz – “L’alieno”
  12. Piqued Jacks – “Like an Animal”
  13. Thomas – “23:23”
  14. Tothem – “Sacro e profano”
  15. Vina Rose – “Oblivious”
  16. XGiove – “Fuoco e benzina”
  17. Kida – “Stessa Pelle”
  18. Simone – “Catching  Memories”
  19. Edoardo Brogi – “Due punti sull’equatore”
  20. Mate – “Prisma”
  21. Ronela – “Salvaje”
  22. Roy Paci – “Tromba”


Last year’s winner of “Una Voce Per San Marino” and representative of San Marino in Eurovision 2022 was the Italian singer Achille Lauro with the song “Stripper”. Nevertheless, he failed to claim a qualification for last May’s Grand Final by finishing 14th in the second semi final.

Stay tuned on EurovisionFun for all the news regarding San Marino’s participation in Eurovision 2023! 


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