San Marino: Semi Final dates for Una Voce per San Marino revealed!

New details have been revealed about the San Marino national selection for Eurovision.  The organizers have further revealed the dates for the national final.

The first major change is that some of the deadlines changed:

The application deadline has moved to January 27, 2023.

The registration period has moved from January 15, 2023 to February 13, 2023.

Una Voce per San Marino 2023

The second edition of Una Voce per San Marino will have five Semi Finals and a Grand Final.  However, the selection started with a number of casting rounds.  Two casting rounds took place between October and December 2022.  The last casting round is scheduled for January 27, 2023.   For the 2023 edition there was not a Established artist casting selection and no artist was invited directly to the final.  On the other hand, established artists could go directly in the semi-finals.

The five semi-finals will be held between 18-20 February, 2023.  Broadcaster SMRTV will broadcast the shows on delay.  For the Semi-Finals the contestants will sing a cover song and an unreleased song of their own.

The Grand Final will take place on February 25, 2023 at the Teatro Nuovo in Dogana.  Senhit (San Marino 2021, 2011) will host the final.  A panel of five jurors will chose the winner.  Two jurors from San Marino RTV, one from the Segreteria di Stato and two from the production company will make the jury vote.

Achille Lauro won Una Voce per San Marino 2023.  He represented San Marino in Eurovision 2022

Source: Una Voce per San Marino


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