Eurovision 2023: Azerbaijan’s First Rehearsal!

Next country to grace the Eurovision stage is Azerbaijan with TuralTuranX and their song “Tell me more”.

Everything about TuralTuranX

TuralTuranX is a musical duo from Azerbaijan which comprises of Tural and Turan Bağmanov.They started their career by performing at school events and later moving to the capital Baku and performing as street musicians with the band TheRedJungle.

The Rehearsal

After Israel bringing all the lights and camera action, this is joyfully low key and charming – just Tural and Turan on a heart-shaped podium centre stage, wearing matching green and purple suits and giving it beautiful harmonies. No sign of the trademark fedoras from the official video, but maybe they saw Gustaph from Belgium and decided not to get into Eurovision hat wars.

Sarah Louise Benett/EBU


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