Spain: Blanca Paloma’s participation costed RTVE an all-time high of 800.000 euros!

Eurovision 2023 is over and it is time for the national broadcasters to review their participation costs. Spain after last year’s huge success in Eurovision with Chanel and an extraordinary 3rd place, invested in Eurovision 2023 more than it has ever done before.

Specifically, the participation costs for 2023 were planned to amount to 732.940 euros, a budget that was not adhered to and rose to 810.978,22 euros, a 10,65% increase.

The internal expenses costed 149.728,71, instead of 73.547,09 euros that were estimated at first. The external expenses, which also included travel and accommodation costs rose to 661.249,54 euros.

The above-mentioned costs included the participation and transmission fees, as well as the production of the videoclip, the stage performance and personnel costs.

It is indeed a much higher budget spent in comparison with the past editions and actually the highest ever recorded, with the participations of Chanel(2022) and Miki Núñez(2019) following.

No matter the interest and the high budget spent by RTVE, Blanca Paloma did not manage to repeat Chanel’s success and instead finished last in the televoting and 17th overall.

Regardless the Spanish fans’ disenchantment, the Grand Final of Eurovision 2023 noted the highest ratings since 2011 and there seems to be no criticism from the Spanish press to RTVE, because of its policy to allocate huge funds to many of its programs and Eurovision having a much wider audience and TV ratings than those.

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Source: 20minutos
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