Spain: Eaea’s stage appearance will be magical and dynamic!

Strength, magic and power are the words that characterize what the Spanish team is preparing and what we will see on stage in Liverpool.

Speaking to Eurovision Space, Dalia Negra, the studio that has taken over the artistic direction of Eaea, mentioned what we will see from Blanca Paloma on the Eurovision stage. The said team has taken over the visuals and design that will be used in Spain’s appearance in the Grand Final on 13 May.

Eaea’s stage appearance will be different from what we saw at Benidorm Fest and these changes will mostly relate to the 2nd half of the show.

In general, the structure of Benidorm is maintained, at least in the first part. Towards the middle and the end is when there will be more details and changes…with respect to Benidorm.

In general, the team explained that in the appearance of Blanca Paloma on the Eurovision stage, they want to keep the basic elements that were also present at Benidorm Fest and upgrade them with all the possibilities that the stage in Liverpool can give.

The words that characterize Blanca Paloma’s appearance are:

Strength, magic, power, root, feeling, show and truth.

We remind you that Spain, as a member of the BIG-5, competes directly in the final on May 13 and claims the first prize after 54 years and after the 3rd place that Chanel achieved last year and rekindled the Spanish interest in the competition.

You can watch the EurovisionFun team’s reaction video to Blanca Paloma’s participation below:

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