Monaco: TVMonaco is now eligible to participate in Eurovision!

As we have previously informed you, TVMonaco, Monaco’s new state broadcaster, has begun its operation a few days ago.

With the inaugural operation of TVMonaco, a reasonable question was posed among Eurovision fans, on whether will Monaco be eligible and eager to compete in the next Eurovision edition in Malmö. It is now confirmed that Monaco is eligible to participate in EBU events and shows, as TVMonaco is a part of MMD (Monaco Media Difussion), which is an EBU member.

What is the MMD?

MMD is an active member of the EBU and hence qualifies for the Eurovision event. Monaco Media Diffusion includes radio stations as well as the recently founded TVMonaco. It holds the sole broadcast radio and television license in Monaco. MCR is licensed to use all frequencies designated and allotted to Monaco by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Since TVMonaco is now an eligible member, it is up to the state broadcaster to decide whether the microstate will take part in Eurovision again in 2024. If TVMonaco or MMD intends to compete in the next Eurovision in Sweden, it must submit its application by September 15, 2023.

In case, Monaco returns to Malmö, there will be two countries coming back after many years of absence, the other one being Luxembourg.

Monaco after being absent for 24 years, returned in 2004 and stepped back once more in 2007, not managing to qualify in none of its last attempts. The full list of participants will be revealed until the end of October, when we will certainly know whether or not Monaco will participate.

Stay tuned on EurovisionFun for all news!

Source: ESCToday
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