Monaco: Is there a possible scenario for a comeback | TVMonaco starts its broadcasting today!

Today at 19:15 CET, TVMonaco will begin its operations for the first time. The agenda of the new public broadcaster will include news, live sports, talk shows and documentaries and will also become a part of TV5 Monde, which signifies that its content will be broadcasted in 200 countries. The openness of the new broadcaster to the world, consecutively raises the question on whether it can also bring Monaco back to Eurovision.

Can Monaco return to Eurovision soon?

The deadline for the Principality of Monaco to announce its participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 is next Friday, September 15, and the channel has until then to confirm their participation.

However, before it confirms its participation, TVMonaco must first seek for EBU membership and be recognized by the Union before December 2023 and therefore replace TCM.

Monaco’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest was only possible through the Télé Monte-Carlo (TMC) channel. The latter stated in previous years that it lacked the financial resources to consider participating in Eurovision following administrative changes in 2010. In 2022, the channel ceased to be an EBU member.

It makes sense to assume that Monaco will return to the competition in the 2025 edition if the channel requests its entry into the EBU and takes into account that it wants to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest. This way, Monaco would have the time needed to prepare its entry in time for the contest.

In 2022, the Government of the Principality of Monaco included a $100,000 budget item to “start the Principality’s application to the Eurovision Song Contest 2023” in the documents that presented the budget for the year 2022, however months later it was revealed that the country would not participate.

Monaco is being absent from the competition for 17 years. Considering the comeback of Luxembourg after 30 years of absence, the return of Monaco doesn’t seem that impossible now!

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