Sweden: Will Loreen return to Eurovision?

Her name has been on everyone’s lips since November 2022, when it was announced that she would once again participate in the Melodifestivalen, Sweden’s national final. Loreen had already won in 2012, with “Euphoria” becoming instantly an anthem, and one of the eurofans’ favourite songs. Many were confident that the singer would triumph again both at Melodifestivalen and Eurovision itself, and so she did. 583 points brought her to the crystal microphone, which she held up again 11 years after her first victory.

“Euphoria” and “Tattoo” put her in the Contest’s “Hall of Fame”, being the only one to win the competition twice, along with Johnny Logan, who has two wins as a singer (“What’s Another Year” and “Hold Me Now”, in 1980 and 1987) and another as a songwriter (“Why Me”, Ireland 1992). However, this is not that important to her, as she says in an interview during her concert in Spain.

“I could see smiling faces and I received a bright energy. That was my victory, not the trophy or saying ‘I won twice’. If I had won twice but failed to connect with people, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it”

Will we be seeing Loreen again at Eurovision?

She has participated twice in Eurovision, but will there be a third time? Loreen answers:

“To be honest, I don’t know. Because even up until a year ago I thought I knew and obviously I didn’t. If I had decided with my brain, I wouldn’t have experienced all these wonderful things, so I don’t know”

However, she keeps the possibility alive:

“If the opportunity came up and there were a lot of signs, you’d probably see me crying saying, ‘Oh my God, why would I do it again? Why? Why?’ Probably. But I would”

For Loreen to consider participating in Melodifestival again, the song has to be real, there has to be “truth” in it:

“There are certain songs that connect with my spirit. And the reason is that there’s a match, that they’re made to be interpreted”

“It has to be real, it has to feel right. You have to feel nothing but happiness and joy. When you feel that way in your life, regardless of whether it’s about music, then you’re in the right place”

If she does indeed participate again in Melodifestivalen and become Sweden’s representative at Eurovision, she could break another record and make history once again, as a third win would make her the representative who has won the Contest the most times.

Do you think Loreen will return to the contest attempting a third win? Would you like her to return? Let us know in the comments below!

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Source: RTVE.es

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  1. Adriano Abreu
    Adriano Abreu says:

    I only want Loreen to return if she feels she has the perfect song and the signs.
    I hope she returns, but only when the time is right and the song.

  2. Benedek Gábor
    Benedek Gábor says:

    She-He- Angel, God’s Singer to Believe in The Real and the only Supreme God of Forever- LifeűLove…SURE! For Universovision!


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