Sweden: Jessica Andersson ready for Melodifestivalen 2021. Klara Hammarström and Alvaro Estrella are in too.

According to the always valid newspaper Aftonbladet, 3 more artists are ready to compete in the next Melodifestivalen.

The 3 new candidates

The first name is the 2003 winner Jessica Andersson, who is ready to take part for the eighth time in the Swedish process for Eurovision. Jessica Andersson made her Melodifestivalen debut in 2003 with the duet Fame and the song “Give Me Your Love”, and represented Sweden at the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest, finishing in 5th place. Her last participation in the Swedish selection was in 2018 with the song “Party Voice”. The song with which she is expected to participate is in the same style as the last one, modern uptempo schlagerpop.



The second name revealed by the newspaper is Klara Hammarström, who took part in this year’s Melodifestivalen with the song “Nobody” but without success. During the summer she took part in various songwriting camps for the Swedish selection process. According to a source of the newspaper, the people in charge of Melodifestivalen have asked for songs about this particular artist.



The third name revealed by Aftonbladet is that of Alvaro Estrella from Chile. Alvaro’s first appearance at the Melodifestivalen was in 2014 with the song “Bedroom” without success. His last attempt was in this year’s competition with the song “Vamos Amigos” with which he reached the final through the second chance round.

The artists who have confirmed for Melodifestivalen 2021 until now are:

  1. Julia Alfrida  (από τον ραδιοφωνικό διαγωνισμό P4 nästa)
  2. Tusse Chiza
  3. Sannex 
  4. Sami Rekik och Wahl
  5. The Mamas
  6. Dotter
  7. Jessica Andersson
  8. Klara Hammarström
  9. Alvaro Estrella


The full list of participants for Melodifestivalen 2021 is expected to be revealed by the end of November.

At this point, let us remind you that up to 2747 songs have been submitted for the upcoming Melodifestivalen.

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Sources: Aftonbladet ESCPanelen 

Sweden: The first names for Melodifestivalen 2021!

Yesterday, the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet gave us the names of the first participants in Melodifestivalen 2021. We use the word “participants” because during the last years the information from Aftonbladet regarding the participants is almost accurate. For Melodifestivalen 2020, for instance, the paper predicted 23 of the 24 participants. The first three names that we will see at Melodifestivalen 2021 are Tusse Chiza, Sannex and Sami Rekik & Wahl.


Tusse Chiza is 18 years old from the DR Congo and the winner of last year’s Idol. Christer Björkman as a guest judge at the time had made very positive comments about his talent and performance, so his participation comes as no surprise. “I’m waiting for you at the Melodifestivalen whenever you want,” Christer Björkman told him. During the summer Tusse participated in various songwriting camps looking for the song with which he will participate in Melodifestivalen 2021. Apart from Tusse himslef, Christer Bjöorkman was also looking for a song for Tusse.



The Grammy awarded band Sannex will also be among the nominees for Melodifestivalen 2021. The Sannex were awarded a Grammy in 2017 for the Best Dance Band of the Year, and have received several other awards along the way.

Sami Rekik & Wahl

Two solo artists are joining their forces for Melodifestivalen 2021. Sami Rekik is 42 years old from Tunisia and part of the group Medina and Wahl ( full name Christopher Vahlberg) is 34 years old from Sweden and part of the group Södrasidan. The song with which the plan to take part will be a pop one with a structure that express the personal music style of both artists.

The full list of participants is expected to be revealed by the end of November.

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Source: Aftonbladet 

Sweden: The dates of Melodifestivalen 2021

After the announcement that Melodifestivalen will not go on tour in 2021 and will be held only in Stockholm given the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the national broadcaster, SVT, revealed today the exact dates on which the shows of Melodifestivalen will take place and through which the new representative of Sweden will be determined.

The 1st Semi Final: 6th February

The 2nd Semi Final: 13th February

The 3rd Semi Final: 20th February

The 4th Semi Final: 27th February

The Second Chance show: 6th March

The Grand Final: 13th March

Source: Eurovoix

Sweden: All the shows of Melodifestivalen 2021 in Stockholm

According to always valid Aftonbladet newspaper’s article, all the competitive shows of Melodifestivalen 2021, the show through which  Sweden selects its representative for the Eurovision Song Contest, will be held at the capital city, Stockholm.

Traditionally the shows of Melodifestivalen are held in various cities all around the country with the final taking place in Stockholm. All the same, given the pandemic situation of COVID-19, there will be no Melodifestivalen tour in 2021. Initially this scenario was the back up plan of SVT but it will be implemented eventually, since neither the municipalities are eager to spend millions for shows that might not take place, nor the SVT wants to jeopardise its reputation by imperiling the public health.

Moreover, there are no decisions yet regarding the place of the show, whether it will be held in a studio or in a stadium. Questions arise as far as the tickets issuance is concerned.  Aftonbladet contacted the porject manager of the show Anette Helenius, who commented:

“We have nothing to comment at the moment. We will let you know as soon as we have something to announce”

Last but not least, according to the reputable newspaper, the presenter of the event will be the beloved of Swedish television David Sundin, who will not be alone on stage. Who will accompany him, we will get to know in due course.

Source: Aftonbladet

Sweden: The Mamas statement after Eurovision 2020 cancellation

The Mamas, who will represent Sweden at this year’s Eurovision contest, are among the first bidders to make a formal statement announcing the official cancellation of the competition.

In a post they stated the following:

“Of course, we respect the decision made, and during the current emergency we are all in, the problem is greater than the fact that we cannot go to Rotterdam. Of course, we’re incredibly sad on a personal level that we and our song can’t compete in the biggest music competition in the world after our win at Melodifestivalen. We were looking forward to representing Sweden with “Move”. We hope that people will continue to listen to our song with the message that we can move the mountains together, which is even more important today when everyone has to take responsibility and do the right thing. If we help each other in this difficult time, we will be led to something good in the end. Our thoughts also go to the ESC organizer who worked hard in an uphill race. Take care of your self!”

We remind you that all this comes after the official announcement of the cancellation of this year’s event by the EBU, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sweden: Watch all the live performances of the artists at MelFest After Party (Video)

Wiwibloggs has uploaded live performances by artists featured on MelFest After Party. That is, the party that takes place immediately after the end of the Melodifestivalen.

The first three of the Melodifestivalen sang, namely Mamas, Dotter and Anna, as well as representatives of Norway, Iceland and Latvia were invited to the event.

Watch the videos below:


Sweden: “I don’t know if I wanted to go to Eurovision”, Dotter says

The big favorite of yesterday’s Melodifestivalen final was Dotter, who for one point only failed to beat the Mamas. In her statements shortly after the end of the night, she said how happy she was about the love she received herself as well as her song, but also about her uncertainty about whether she was ready for the Eurovision contest. Similar statements were made by Anna Bergendahl, who finished third.

Neither the public nor the committees could decide yesterday which of the two should represent Sweden at Eurovision 2020. The jury scored 65 points for Dotter and Mamas and the public gave them 71 and 72 points respectively.

For the story, it is worth noting that Dotter would win even in the tie, since she had received ten more than the Mamas in the committee (12 were equal).

“I got some minor points from international committees. I was relieved that I didn’t win. I don’t know if I wanted to go to Eurovision. The Mamas deserved it and wanted it more”.


Anna Bergendahl‘s statements that took third place at this year’s Melodifestivalen also moved at a similar wavelength.

“It’s hard to describe my feelings right now. I’m so grateful for third place. I won so many this year. I’m so happy for the Mamas. As a listener, I would vote for their song. It’s a great song”.

Anna Bergendahl

The bets, however, did not welcome the Mamas ‘victory very warmly, as Sweden, after many years, is  in the eighth position of winning the contest, the day before the leaders’ meeting at the end of the national finals season.

Source: Aftonbladet

Sweden: The Mamas got the ticket to Rotterdam

After four semifinals and a Second Chance round,  Melodifestivalen 2020 final has completed and the moment we would fin out the next representative of the country has reached . Lina Hedlund, Linnea Henriksson and David Sundin had once again taken on the role of presentation.

Final entries:

  1. Victor Crone – “Troubled Waters”
  2. Paul Rey – “Talking in My Sleep”
  3. The Mamas – Move”
  4. Mohombi – “Winners”
  5. Hanna Ferm – “Brave”
  6. Mendez ft. Alvaro Estrella – “Vamos amigos”
  7. Dotter – “Bulletproof”
  8. Robin Bengtsson – “Take a Chance”
  9. Mariette – “Shout It Out”
  10. Felix Sandman – “Boys With Emotions”
  11. Anna Bergendahl – “Kingdom Come”
  12. Anis Dos Demina – “Vem e som oss”

The winner has emerged, as has been the case in recent years, from the public vote (50%) and 8 international committees (50%).

After the vote of the international committees the result was as follows:

After the public vote, the winners of the Melodifestivalen 2020 are The Mamas, garnering the largest percentage of votes from the public.

Sweden: It wWill not be attending the Head of delegations meeting due to Covid-19

Dagens Nyheters reports that Sweden is canceling plans to attend the annual Heads of Delegations in Rotterdam next week. As Swedish public television explains, they took this decision as a precautionary measure.

They will attend the meeting of leaders online

Melodifestivalen producer Anette Helenius says SVT has opted to cancel its participation as a precautionary measure. They believe that meeting participation can be done with digital tools.

“It’s an ordinary meeting for us. We have attended this meeting annually and know what is expected of us and then believe we can deliver what we need digitally. It is a simple precaution not to be present”.

Anette Helenius

When asked about everything they are doing around the internet about a possible cancellation or timing of Eurovision 2020,Anette replies that it is too early to say if Sweden should cancel its participation in Rotterdam.

“It is up to the organizers to evaluate if there is a reason to cancel the event. So we wait for their recommendations. I see no reason to be skeptical of their judgment”.

Anette Helenius

The annual meeting of the Heads of Delegations will take place on Monday, March 9 in Rotterdam.

Source: ESCxtra

Sweden: Three more names for Melodifestivalen 2020

Aftonbladet continues to reveal the participants in Melodifestivalen 2020. Shortly before, it added three more artists to 15 added so far , raising the number to 18 confirmed contestants.

Renaida returns and celebrates

Renaida has every reason to celebrate after she had a serious health issue last year. She was diagnosed with cancer, but eventually managed to overcome it without even having to undergo chemotherapy. The 22-year-old singer also participated in Melodifestivalen 2018 with “All The Feels”. Through the second chance round she reached the final, finishing ninth there! The song she will be attending is expected to be in the style of her previous engagement.

Ellen Benediktson is back too but in duet

Another return was revealed by Aftonbladet, that of Ellen Benediktson. The 24-year-old singer also participated in Melodifestivalen 2014, in the same semifinal with Elena Paparizou. She had then qualified with “Songbird” in the final and finished ninth there. She participated in the following year, but this time without going to the next round. In Melodifestivalen 2020 is expected to duet with Simon Peyron.


Featuring rap at Melodifestivalen 2020

Given the ever-increasing dynamics of rap music, Melodifestivalen producers eagerly wanted its representatives in its next release. The band OVÖ which became known in 2018 performing a song dedicated to Zara Larsson has already secured a place in the Melodifestivalen 2020 semifinals.

The artists who have so far confirmed for Melodifestivalen 2020

Thirteen contestants have so far secured a place in the Melodifestivalen 2020 semifinals:

-Amanda Aasa (from the P4 radio competition)
-Victor Crone
-Hanna Ferm
-Jakob Karlberg
-The Mamas
-Albin Johnsén
-Suzi P.
-Linda Bengtzing
-Frida Öhrn
-Paul Rey
-Robin Bengtsson
-Anna Bergendahl
-Anis don Demina
-Thorsten Flinck
-Ellen Benediktson & Simon Peyron
-OVÖ (Finess & Ivory)

Two names have been targeted by SVT, but have not yet confirmed their involvement:

-Eric Saade

Recall that 14 of the 28 participants of the Melodifestivalen result from the open invitation of  SVT to creators, 13 are selected through an invitation of  SVT and 1 is from the P4 Nästa radio competition.

In detail the program of Melodifestivalen 2020 is as follows:

Linkoping – First Semifinal – 1 February
Gothenburg – Second Semifinal – 8 February
Lulea – Third Semifinal – February 15
Malmo – Fourth Semifinal – February 22
Eskilestone – Second Opportunity – February 29
Stockholm – Final – 7 March

David Sundin, Linnea Henriksson and Lina Hedlund will all be presenting the six nights of the show. Aftonbladet correctly predicted 26 of the 28 Melodifestivalen 2019 names.

Source: Aftonbladet