Eurovision 2024: Which rehearsal had the most views on the third day?

Yesterday, rehearsals continued energetically, with the Malmö Arena hosting the first eight countries of the second semifinal! Be sure to also read our article from yesterday regarding the views of the eight countries that completed their rehearsals on Sunday.

However, as we know on TikTok, all the first rehearsals are uploaded. Apart from their performances, we’ll also get a sneak peek backstage before they take the stage for the first time in a video of about one minute.

One of the many features of TikTok is the ability to add songs to each user’s video creation. However, the TikTok algorithm is usually able to detect the song used in the video, assign it to the correct track, and then include it in the total number of videos where that sound has been used. Based on this capability, the most popular songs before rehearsals were from the Netherlands and Italy. Will they receive the same promotion as before?

In less than 24 hours (April 30, 2024, time  CET), since the first clip from the rehearsals was uploaded, we have a indicative sample of which rehearsal was favored by the audience (here it should be noted that the videos were uploaded one after the other with a one and a half hour interval and there was a significant delay in their publication).

The rehearsals that had the most views are:

  1. Greece: Marina Satti – ZARI – 1.6 million views
  2. Switzerland: Nemo – The Code – 391 thousand views
  3. Albania: Besa – TiTan – 221.7 thousand views
  4. Austria: Kaleen – We Will Rave – 199.4 thousand views
  5. Armenia: LADANIVA – Jako – 183 thousand views
  6. Malta: Sarah Bonnici – Loop –  175.3 thousand views
  7. Czechia: Aiko – Pedestal – 165.2 thousand views
  8. Denmark: SABA – SAND – 156.7 thousand views

With this small sample, we can infer that:

  • It’s worth noting that with the first rehearsal of the Greek entry has been published 18 hours prior, within this timeframe, ZARI achieved a record number of views compared to any other entry in previous years – where TikTok is used as a platform for posting snapshots of the first rehearsals. The Greek entry seems to have resonance across Europe as it has gathered 170 thousand likes.
  • Second in the ranking is the favorite for victory, Switzerland, which trails the Greek entry by 4 times in views.
  • Many rearrangements can occur between the fourth and eighth positions since there are countries whose rehearsals were published at the end of the day, resulting in them not receiving enough publicity.

The top six countries with the most views from the two days are as follows:

  1. Greece: Marina Satti – ZARI – 1.6 million views
  2. Poland: LUNA – The Tower – 1.2 milion views
  3. Serbia: Teya Dora – Ramonda – 842.2 thousand views
  4. Ukraine: alyona alyona & Jerry Heil – Teressa & Maria – 817.7 thousand views
  5. Croatia: Baby Lasagna – Rim Tim Tagi Dim – 682.7 thousand views

TikTok has played a significant role in the success of Eurovision songs in recent years. For example, Duncan Laurence’s winning entry “Arcade” became a global hit a year after winning the competition when it was used in over a million videos on TikTok. One of the earliest TikTok successes from Eurovision was Getter Jaani’s “Rockefeller Street”, which went viral on the platform in 2018 and has since been used in over two million videos. Let’s not forget that Armenia’s entry in 2022 by Rosa Linn with “Snap” gained over a billion views on the platform. Finally, Norway’s entry last year gained significant worldwide publicity months before the competition week, where it secured fifth place.

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