Netherlands 2024: Anouk wanted to go to Eurovision again!

Anouk was ready to represent the Netherlands once again at the Eurovision Song Contest with a song from her upcoming album Deena & Jim.

However, she confirmed this will not be possible this time due to a schedule conflict between the promotion of her album and the Dutch selection process.

According to the 2013 representative,  Anouk approached to the Dutch selection committee.  In an interview to she says she was not planning to return to Eurovision until she started working on  her new music.

“They have received a lot of entries this year and of course I cannot follow up. I understand that. The decision would not be made until sometime in December”

Anouk’s new album is set to be released on November.  According to the singer she would have to delay her album plans if she wanted to be considered by the Netherlands selection committee for Eurovision.  This option however is out  of the table for her record label, specially since she could not be sure she will end up being selected.   The Dutch representative will be announced on March 2024.

“I couldn’t arrive at my record company and say at the last minute: sorry, it won’t be until March. So unfortunately it didn’t happen, but it would have been a nice moment.”

Anouk represented the Netherland in Malmö at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with her song Birds.  She did not only qualified to the Grand Final but ended up in 9th place.  This was the best score from the Netherlands after an 8 years non-qualifying streak.


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