Netherlands: Watch Joost Klein perform “Europapa” live for the first time!

During one of his concerts in The Netherlands, Joost Klein gave his first “Europapalive performance.

Joost Klein was selected internally by Dutch national television back in December, following a closed to the public selection. His 2024 entry “Europapa” was released two weeks ago and it instantly gained commercial success, overpassing Duncan Laurence’s record on most Spotify streams during its first day of release. The Netherlands currently sits on no.6 of the betting odds.

The Netherlands with Joost Klein and “Europapa” is allocated to perform in the second half of the second semi-final on May 9.

You can also watch EurovisionFun’s reaction video on “Europapa“, below:

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Netherlands: Three artists claiming the ticket to Malmö!

The internal selection trhough which the Dutch public television will select their representative for Eurovision 2024, is almost over! In very few days we will learn the artist that will fly the flag of the Netherlands in Malmö. Three female artists, are still in the selection process, according to recent news. Read more

Netherlands: Jacqueline Govaert is really positive on the country’s next participation!

Jacqueline Govaert was one of the latest members to be added to jury of AVROTROS, the Dutch public broadcaster, in order to select the best possible song for Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

Talking to RTL’s camera, Jacqueline said some very interesting things ad she is very positive on the next Dutch participation:

“Yes, I have heard some songs, it will be a lot of fun and yes, I have a very good feeling about this year. I’m very excited for sure. They all sang their songs live which is also really cool, because it’s very different from just listening to a recording. This is my first time on the selection committee, so I don’t know how things were done before. One thing I notice though is that this process went very well. First of all, I have a lot of love for pop music and songs, so first you listen to all the songs and then it’s up to you to decide which song is best. And you also think, “What song fits in there? Who’s going to be able to pull it off?” So there are many aspects involved. Cornald Maas is of course also one of the juries, and he has a lot of experience. So he cares more about the history of Eurovision. And so we all strive to achieve the best results.”

You can watch the whole interview of Jacqueline Govaert HERE.
Do you think her positive feeling will translate in a good result for the Netherlands?

Last year, Mia Nicolai and Dion Cooper represented the Netherlands with the song “Burning Daylight”. The entry placed 13th in the semifinals, marking the country’s first elimination since 2015.

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Netherlands 2024: Anouk wanted to go to Eurovision again!

Anouk was ready to represent the Netherlands once again at the Eurovision Song Contest with a song from her upcoming album Deena & Jim.

However, she confirmed this will not be possible this time due to a schedule conflict between the promotion of her album and the Dutch selection process.

According to the 2013 representative,  Anouk approached to the Dutch selection committee.  In an interview to she says she was not planning to return to Eurovision until she started working on  her new music.

“They have received a lot of entries this year and of course I cannot follow up. I understand that. The decision would not be made until sometime in December”

Anouk’s new album is set to be released on November.  According to the singer she would have to delay her album plans if she wanted to be considered by the Netherlands selection committee for Eurovision.  This option however is out  of the table for her record label, specially since she could not be sure she will end up being selected.   The Dutch representative will be announced on March 2024.

“I couldn’t arrive at my record company and say at the last minute: sorry, it won’t be until March. So unfortunately it didn’t happen, but it would have been a nice moment.”

Anouk represented the Netherland in Malmö at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with her song Birds.  She did not only qualified to the Grand Final but ended up in 9th place.  This was the best score from the Netherlands after an 8 years non-qualifying streak.


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Netherlands: Jacqueline Govaert and Jaap Reesema are the new members of the selection comitee for Eurovision 2024!

After the addition of Jacqueline Govaert and Jaap Reesema, the jury of AVROTROS for Eurovision 2024 is now complete. Together with the president Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen as well as Carolien Borgers, Hila Noorzai, Cornald Maas and Sander Lantinga, they will choose the artist and the song that will represent the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Sweden!

Singer-songwriters Jacqueline Govaert and Jaap Reesema bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the panel. Both are in contact with various Dutch artists and producers, so that the country’s music industry can be properly represented. Both artists have delivered several hits, written and produced many songs for other artists, and are completely up-to-date on what’s happening in the global music industry.

The head of delegation, Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen, said that:

“Through our conversations, I know that Jacqueline and Jaap always enjoy following the Eurovision Song Contest and are highly motivated to recognize that one rock-solid song that can conquer all of Europe and the rest of the world. Many unknown and well-known artists have already registered. Now that the selection committee is complete, I am even more looking forward to the final choice that we will make together.”

Jacqueline Govaert said after being added to the jury panel:

“Hearing a good song sung well for the first time has something magical about it. I am really looking forward to listening to the submissions together with the other committee members and finding the perfect song!”

In the end, Jaap Reesema, stated:

I really like the opportunity to contribute to the creation of great international success for a Dutch product. Watch the winning song ‘Arcade’ by Duncan Laurence. It now has more than 1 billion Spotify streams, unprecedented! The Eurovision Song Contest can do that for a song and for an artist. I am convinced that we have enough talented, creative people in the Netherlands to take the win again and I will dedicate myself 100% to make that happen! 

Artists, composers, lyricists, producers and record labels can still register until Saturday 30 September. The aim is to make the final choice by mid-December at the latest.

Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper represented the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, but they failed to qualify for the final, leaving the country out, for the first time since 2016:


Netherlands: Is Douwe Bob coming back for Eurovision 2024?

The first non-qualification in Eurovision for the Netherlands after six consecutive qualifications and even one win, caused many internal changes in the Dutch delegation. AVROTROS appointed a new head of delegation and there will be changes in the internal selection to come.

The Dutch delegation ruled out a massive change in the selection process and the conduction of a national final right from the start, due to low interest from the Dutch music industry. Instead, and according to the new head of delegationTwan van de Nieuwenhuijzen, the changes that will be made to the existing system in order to ensure transparency, will include live performances of the candidates and people outside of AVROTROS in the jury.

In this open internal selection, Douwe Bob, Dutch representative in Eurovision 2016, might want to compete. As his manager stated in Shownieuws, the singer wants to compete in the internal selection, saying that:

“Douwe Bob would like to compete again in Eurovision. Even though we do not have any specific song, we hope to submit one”

Douwe Bob represented the Netherlands in Eurovision 2016 in Stockholm, with his song “Slow Down” ending up in 11th place. He is not the only artist that want to compete in Eurovision 2024. Both Bizzey & Kraantje Pappie as a duet, as well as De Bankzitters want to submit songs.

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