France: No immediate decision on hosting Junior Eurovision 2024!

France Télévisions has not made an immediate decision after its victory in Nice on whether to host Junior Eurovision 2024.

Stéphane Sitbon-Gomez, Director of Channels and Progams at France Télévisions, told that no decision has yet been made on whether France will host the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2024.

Zoé Clauzure won the competition for France yesterday, bringing the country its second consecutive win.

Mr Sitbon-Gomez said:

As far as Junior Eurovision is concerned, we will first celebrate the victory. Then we will discuss, as we have done every time, with the EBU to find out where it would be better. There are many countries that want to host it and we don’t want there to be a French monopoly on Junior Eurovision.

Furthermore, he stressed that the broadcaster has not yet taken any decision on the organisation of the competition:

We take time to discuss and think together. Today, we are especially happy and proud of what we have been able to experience.

The lack of immediate reaction to the victory is a change from France’s 2021 victory in Yerevan, Armenia. Then on the night of the competition, the general manager of France Télévisions confirmed that it would host the next edition of the competition.

There is speculation that with the 2024 Paris Olympics taking place in 2024 and the financial burden this will place on the host country’s broadcaster, France Télévisions may choose to decline to host the event. We recall that this has happened before in 2015, when RAI of Italy chose not to host the 2015 competition and instead the EBU opened up hosting the contest to bidding.

Zoé Clauzure from France won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Nice, France with 228 points. She was first in both the jury vote and the online vote, bringing France its third win and a consecutive victory after 2022.

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