Czechia: “Pedestal” will be revamped, says Aiko!

The first national selection of the season took place in Czechia on early December. Following the one-week duration of an online voting conducted both by the Czech and the International audience, Aiko was crowned the winner and hence the Czech representative at Eurovision 2024 with her song “Pedestal“.

With nearly five months to go until the 68th Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, a question is raised among the Eurovision fandom regarding whether Aiko will revamp her Eurovision entry. The small duration of the song along with the usual tactic of revamping a song released at that early stage have caught the attention of the Eurovision fans.

A few days ago, Aiko was invited to “Eurovision with Adam” podcast, where among other thing she also gave an answer regarding a potential revamp of “Pedestal, which she confirmed it will happen.

I would definitely love to look at it. We’re actually meeting with my producer early January, just to see what we can actually do to maximize the impact, to use the time, just because as you’re saying “Pedestal” is around 2:20 and we have three minutes. Why not use the space, why not have the actual impact and do something with it?

So we’re definitely gonna play around, see what we can create also together with the team that’s gonna do the lighting and everything around it, cause we have some ideas as well for that. So, yeah, we’re definitely gonna do that!

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Aiko’s answer to the allegations of her breaching the rules

Shortly after Aiko’s win in ESCZ 2024, there was a video circulating the internet, which displayed Aiko singing her song “Pedestal” in front of an audience on a festival in June. There was some backlash regarding whether Aiko should be disqualified or not, bearing in mind the rules of the competition stating that no song shall be released or performed in public before September 1.

Aiko answered to these allegations, mentioning that:

I have not released any statements or anything just because it’s really not my job as an artist to explain to everyone what the rules are and what is happening. There is an official statement from the EBU, the EBU has been notified before I was even entering the national selection about the whole thing. So, it should be ok. Everything’s fine!

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♬ original sound – Adam Mc Callig

Who is Aiko?

Aiko, currently based in Brighton (United Kingdom), is a visionary artist who delves into profound themes such as love, solitude, and self-understanding, using her music as a medium for introspection and connection.

Aiko’s journey in the music industry has been nothing short of remarkable. Her sophomore album, Fortune’s Child is a testament to her growth as an artist and the depth of her musical prowess.

Breaking barriers and making history, Aiko proudly stands as the first Czech artist to grace the iconic Times Square. Moreover, she has earned the distinction of being the first Czech female artist to contribute to the global Spotify Equal Campaign, emphasising her commitment to inclusivity and equality within the music industry.

You can listen to the entry of Czechia for Eurovision 2024, below!

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