Iceland: The Association of Composers and Lyricists calls on RÚV to abstain from Eurovision 2024 because of Israel!

The Association of Composers and Lyricists of Iceland opposes the country’s participation in Eurovision 2024 unless Israel is disqualified.

Last night, through its official Facebook account, the Association of Composers and Lyricists of Iceland, F.T.T. (Félag tónskálda og textahöfunda) announced that they have sent a request to the radio director and RÚV board stating the following:

The board of FTT tonight sent this request to the radio director and board of RUV:

Reykjavik 11 December 2023

The board of FTT, an association of composers and lyricists, calls on RÚV not to participate in Eurovision in 2024 unless Israel is denied participation in the competition on the same grounds as Russia in the last competition. We all have a duty to take a stand against war and the killing of civilians and innocent children. We always have the choice not to put our name to such things, whether we are individuals or state institutions. We owe it to the nations that act with military force to not share with them in an event that is always characterized by joy and optimism.

The board of FTT:

Bragi Valdimar Skúlason, chairman
Védís Hervör Árnadóttir, vice-chairman
Sóley Stefánsdóttir
Ragnhei ður Grondal
Andri Olafsson
Hallur Ingólfsson
Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir

It is not the first time that Iceland has expressed discomfort in issues concerning Israel, recalling that in 2019 there was opposition to hosting the competition in Jerusalem, but also the representatives of the country themselves that year took a political position during the announcement of the results on the night of the final. Any response from the country’s public broadcaster is awaited with interest.

Do you believe that the aforementioned request will have an impact on Iceland’s participation? Let us know your thought in the comments below.

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12 replies
  1. Stuart Hunt
    Stuart Hunt says:

    Great news, and about time there was pressure on national broadcasters to start taking a stand. Its absolutely right, the competition is about peace, love and unity, none of which Israel is demonstrating and needs to be consistent with Russias exclusion.

    • Yuval
      Yuval says:

      tell everyone what happened on 7/10/23?
      Who started the war?israel or Hamas?
      Who violated the ceasefire on Friday a week and a half ago?
      Do you really want me to tell you what Hamas did on 7/10/23?
      While Russia launched a particularly cynical and cruel attack on Ukraine, Israel fell victim to the most murderous terrorist attack the country has ever known and Israel was forced to fight an existential war against a cruel enemy who held 240 hostages including children. and uses the residents of Gaza as a human shield, a very big difference.

    • Hamazobi
      Hamazobi says:

      Hypocrisy for its own sake, Iceland didn’t lift a finger when Russia invaded Ukraine. We haven’t heard the group of white Hippocrates who live on some island at the end of the world and still think they have some say/power to influence. We are here to stay and we don’t have to answer to any terror supporting country like Iceland. When we are here fighting for the house. Good luck and Eurovision I will be more beautiful even without the group of freaks from Iceland.

  2. NICK
    NICK says:

    Nonsense. Hamas attacked Israel on October 7th and 1400 innocent people had been slaughtered. Before this event there was a ceasefire. Ask yourself again if Israel shouldn’t fight back.. That’s just sounds like antisemitism to me..

  3. Valdaunis
    Valdaunis says:

    Les islandais, on ne sait pas pourquoi, sont des dingues nazis tout à fait à part en Europe. On peut y voir la conséquence d’un christianisme incompris par des peuples primitifs. Mais aujourd’hui ça commence à être démodé.

  4. Mashtin
    Mashtin says:

    Welcome to the Orwellian world of 2023, where freedom is slavery, war is peace, and the rape dismemberment and murder of concertgoers is an applauded act by righteous ‘freedom fighters’. How noble of Iceland for this unparalleled initiative to promote world love and peace.

    The only appropruate thing Hamas did accomplish was to expose the Palestinian agenda when they scream ‘from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’. They are clearly stating that they want a Judenrein Palestine.
    And they call the Israelis Nazis?!
    Oh yeah. Orwellian newspeak. We get it now…


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