Sofia Coll: “It would be an honour to bring Catalan back to Eurovision!” | Interview

In an interview to Apostolis and Paschalis from Eurovisionfun, Sofia Coll, Spain’s candidate for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, spoke exclusively about Benidorm Fest 2024 and about her desire to be on the Malmö Arena stage this May!

How did you decide to take part in Benidorm Fest?

“Although this year it wasn’t on my mind, because I was in various shows on TV I always thought that with a good song I would like to go to Eurovision! So in the summer I got a call from the creators of the song that they have the song and want to we’re going to Eurovision and when we finished it in September I knew we had something good that could work on the competition stage.”

The message of the song:

“When we were writing the song I was thinking about myself on stage at Eurovision and Benidorm Fest and how I would like to feel when that moment comes. I wanted to convey my journey and the opportunities I wasn’t given that made me who I am and I have them with me in this song.

Sofia then revealed to us that she will not be alone  on stage at Benidorm Fest but accompanied with dancers and it will be quite artsy. As her favorite participation of Spain she called that of Chanel in 2022, while as her favorite participation from the competition in general she mentioned last year’s participation of Finland “Cha Cha Cha” but also “Snap” from Armenia in 2022!

Watch Sofia Coll’s full interview below:

Thanks to Sofia Coll for the exclusive interview and we wish her all the best in Benidorm Fest 2024!


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