Italy: Five dancers will be joining Angelina Mango in Malmö | Rehearsals have started!!

As we have informed you earlier this day, the intensive rumors regarding Angelina Mango’s choreographer for Eurovision 2024 have come true. Mecnun Giasar, also known as Majnoon, will take over as Italy’s choreographer for Angelina Mango’s performance in Eurovision 2024.

In fact and as Angelina Mango posted herself on her personal Instagram account, the rehearsals for Eurovision 2024 have started and she reveals that she won’t be alone on stage. Moreover, she will be joined by five female dancers (if you look closely on the third slide, Majnoon is teasing us with a small part of “La Noia’s” choreography)


Δείτε αυτή τη δημοσίευση στο Instagram.


Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη Angelina Mango (@angelinamango_)


However, it’s not known yet, whether Mecnun will only do Angelina’s choreography, or if he will be in charge of the whole direction.

Who is Mecnun Giasar?

Mecnun Giasar is a famous German choreographer. Among the artists Majnoon has choreographed are MadonnaBTS and Loreen, while his most notable collaboration is with Rosalia, with whom he created the viral choreography for the groundbreaking Motomami tour. In addition to being a choreographer, Majnoon is a self-proclaimed musician, producer, director, mentor and fashion icon.

Italy is not the only country that Majnoon is in charge of for Eurovision 2024. He is also in charge of Marina Satti’s choreography. Considering that Majnoon is working with both Italy and Greece, countries that are currently in the top ten of the betting odds, he is undoubtedly aiming high and is ready to conquer the Eurovision Song Contest.

Angelina Mango with her Sanremo-winning entry “La Noia” will represent Italy in the 68th Eurovision Song Contest. Italy, as a member of the BIG 5, is automatically granted a spot in the Grand Final of May 11.

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