Greece: “Marina Satti did not intend to offend the Israeli delegation”

Marina Satti’s actions during yesterday’s press conference were generating a lot of attention from the media. Therefore, we asked the Greek delegation for a response. They were quite explicit and made it very apparent to us that Marina Satti never intended to offend Eden Golan or the Israeli delegation in general.

According to what we’ve been told, if you watched the full video instead of merely the part of Eden Golan’s statements, you would see that Marina Satti engaged with the panel of artists and the journalists in the same manner from start to finish of the press conference. Throughout the press conference, Marina Satti yawned, not to disrespect the Israeli representative, whom she wished luck for in the final on Saturday, but rather as a result of the demanding schedule and lengthy rehearsals of the previous few days.


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13 replies
  1. Noa
    Noa says:

    Please, cut the BS. It is clear that she is acting out to make sure the message gets through. She’s smiling the whole time and pretending to sleep and snore. She should be disqualified if the Eurovision competition organizers have any balls and brains

  2. koula
    koula says:

    Oh please… Get a grip ….. to everyone commenting about Marina Satti……the girl was sick even though her voice didn’t falter .. apparently she was on a lot of meds ..look it up . On meds + rehearsing+ being on a crazy schedule…anyone with all that on their plate might yawn .

  3. George
    George says:

    Praises to her for protesting against this pretentiousness nonsense that Israel is all about unity and peace. She did what every artist ought to do and I’m sure she was threatened if she didn’t try to cover it. That’s the Isreali control over Eurovision!

  4. James
    James says:

    Israel shouldn’t have been there anyway. They wouldn’t have been allowed if not for Moroccan Oil’s insistence. As someone who attended all 9 shows, the Israel performances were very uncomfortable. A few loud cheering groups, majority booing, and the rest dead silent. Being anti state of Israel government is not the same as being anti Jewish. The two things are not even similar

  5. Me
    Me says:

    Pathetic excuses. Grown up woman behaving like a silly child. Greece should feel so embarrased. Demanding schedule my a**…. it was well thought off and very very immature.


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