Italy: The first live performance of Eurovision version “Due Vite”!

As part of the international promotion of the Italian participation, the representative of Italy in this year’s Eurovision, Marco Mengoni, was in Germany performing for the first time live the Eurovision version of “Due Vite”.

The presentation took place on ZDF’s “Giovanni Zarrella Show” in Germany where he performed “Due Vite” live for the first time, as it will be performed on the Liverpool stage.

You can watch his performance in the video below:

We remind you that the changes made to adapt the piece to the three-minute rule for each entry, is that excerpts were removed from the first couplet, but also from the first chorus.

You can also watch the EurovisionFun team’s reaction to Italy’s entry, below:

Italy, as a member of the Big 5, is directly qualified in the final.

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IT’S OFFICIAL: Marco Mengoni will sing Due Vite in Eurovision 2023!

Earlier today, it became known from the official Eurovision YouTube channel that the winner of the 73rd Festival di Sanremo, Marco Mengoni will represent Italy in Eurovision 2023 with his song “Due Vite”. Specifically, the Eurovision YouTube channel published his live performance from the Sanremo Festival.

Here is the published video:


We already knew that the popular Italian artist wanted to return to Eurovision after his last attempt in 2013 with the song “L’ essenziale” that ended up in 7th place at the Grand Final. Although, he hadn’t decided if he wanted to go with his winning Sanremo entry. In a previous interview with TG1, Marco Mengoni did not seem to be sure about the song with which he would take part in Eurovision for the second time, since as he mentioned he was thinking about not competing in Liverpool with Due Vite, but with another song.

The last time an Italian representative did not take part in Eurovision by participating in Sanremo was Nina Zilli, who replaced Per Semper with L’amore è femmina, eventually finishing ninth in Baku.

Here is his 2013 entry:


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Italy: Who is winning Sanremo 2023 according to the bets and streams?!

We are getting closer to the grand final of the Festival di Sanremo 2023 and it’s time to take a look at the predictions.

According to the betting odds Marco Mengoni is still in the lead  after his impressive performance on the first night. In second place comes Mr. Rain, who started in 19th place before the festival started, but has climbed to the top. Ultimo is now in third place, having lost some ground after the first night to regain it today. On the other hand Giorgia’s chances according to the bettors have decreased significantly.  Although she started in third place before the festival, now she fell to the ninth place.

Now let’s take a look at the Spotify streams.

Yesterday, Marco Mengoni was topping the chart with 1320229 streams while Mr. Rain came in second place with 1284899 streams. However today the stream charts have experience a great commotion! Lazza made a strong debut with 2126061 streams, Mr. Rain is now in second place with even more streams than his debut.

Here is the ranking of the first 10 songs of Sanremo 2023 based on the number of streams on Spotify on their first day of release:

  1. LazzaCenere (2162051)
  2. Marco MengoniDue vite (1320229)
  3. Mr. RainSuperheroes (1284899)
  4. MadameIl bene nel male (1265025)
  5. UltimoAlba (946581)
  6. Colapesce DimartinoSplash (936534)
  7. ElodieDue (929458)
  8. TananaiTango (926234)
  9. Rosa ChemicalMade in Italy (923911)
  10. Coma_CoseL’addio (901510)

There is certainly no clear favorite as it happened last year when Brividi set a stream record on its first day of release with over 3 million. Yesterday Mr. Rain managed to climb from 17th place in the ranking to third after the jury and public votes took place.  The results show that he was voted very high by the public and the jury. The same goes for Ultimo who moved up from tenth to second place.

Here are the rankings so far:

As we can see, things continue moving on.  Marco Mengoni is relatively safe in first place, but the Sanremo Festival has proven to be unpredictable over the years with its complex voting system. This year it will be even more difficult to predict the winner with five songs entering in the super final!

Tonight the fourth night of Sanremo will take place.  We will enjoy the 28 nominated artists in duets with other artists.

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Italy: The results of the first night of Sanremo 2023!

The Prima Serata of the 73rd Festival di Sanremo is here! We listened to the first 14 songs of this year’s Festival for the first time and, at the end of the evening, found out the jury of journalists‘ voting (i.e. print and TV journalists by 33%, website journalists by 33% and radio journalists by 33%).

Amadeus, together with Gianni Morandi and Chiara Ferragni, were the presenters of the first night. There were also several guest appearances, including Mahmood and Blanco, winners of last year’s Sanremo and representatives of Italy at the Eurovision 2022 contest in Turin.

The show started with a greeting by the president of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, followed by an appearance by legendary italian comedian Roberto Benigni.

The performances

Anna OxaSali (Canto dell’anima)

A veteran of the Sanremo Festival, as this year it is her 15th participation! She won in 1989 and 1999. She also represented Italy in Eurovision 1989. This year she returns after 12 years with a dramatic song where she showcases her vocal skills. A very good start to the Festival!


A very strong performance and an emotional song from the young singer, who won Sanremo Giovani and is making his Sanremo debut this year.


First appearance at the Festival for the rapper Mr. Rain with a rap ballad accompanied by the piano. A children’s makes an appearance during the song. Admittedly a very moving performance.

Marco MengoniDue vite

The winner of Sanremo 2013 and Italy’s representative in Eurovision 2013 with the song L’essenziale returns to the Festival this year. One of the big favorites to win this year as well, ten years after his win in 2013. The song Due vite is the singer’s third participation in Sanremo. A strong dramatic song and an excellent vocal performance shows that the singer is rightfully a favourite.

ArieteMare di guai

A vintage slow song with a romantic presentation by the young singer.


Winner of Sanremo Giovani 2018, runner-up at Sanremo 2019 and the second big favorite of this year’s Festival. The song is in the same style as the singer’s previous entries and the performance is, as his performances usually are, very strong and passionate.


Second appearance for the duo at the Sanremo Festival after 2021. A touching song that tells a personal story of the duet.


Fan favorite Elodie returns to Sanremo with a dynamic song with funk elements. A demanding vocal performance, which the singer manages to pull off.

Leo GassmanTerzo cuore

After his appearance at Sanremo Giovani 2019, the young singer returns with a more rhythmic pop song that seems to be a crowd pleaser.

I Cugini di CampagnaLettera 22

First appearance at the Festival, surprisingly, for the group that already completes 53 years of career. The song is classic Italian pop with lots of retro elements.

Gianluca GrignaniQuando ti manca il fiato

Seventh participation in the Festival for the rock singer. A classic Italian pop rock piece with a strong performance.


A very rhythmic song by another Sanremo Giovani finalist, in complete contrast to what we have heard so far.

Colla ZioNon mi va

A boy band with a funky rhythmic song that manages to fill the stage.

Mara SatteiDuemilaminuti

Her first appearance in Sanremo. A very classy and excellent vocal performance for the last song of the night.

The results

At the end of the night, we found out the journalist’s voting of the first set of this year’s songs. The results were the following:

  1. Marco Mengoni
  2. Elodie
  3. Coma_Cose
  4. Ultimo 
  5. Leo Gassman
  6. Mara Sattei
  7. Colla Zio
  8. I Cugini di Campagna
  9. Mr. Rain
  10. Gianluca Grignani
  11. Ariete
  13. Olly
  14. Anna Oxa

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