Italy: Who is winning Sanremo 2023 according to the bets and streams?!

We are getting closer to the grand final of the Festival di Sanremo 2023 and it’s time to take a look at the predictions.

According to the betting odds Marco Mengoni is still in the lead  after his impressive performance on the first night. In second place comes Mr. Rain, who started in 19th place before the festival started, but has climbed to the top. Ultimo is now in third place, having lost some ground after the first night to regain it today. On the other hand Giorgia’s chances according to the bettors have decreased significantly.  Although she started in third place before the festival, now she fell to the ninth place.

Now let’s take a look at the Spotify streams.

Yesterday, Marco Mengoni was topping the chart with 1320229 streams while Mr. Rain came in second place with 1284899 streams. However today the stream charts have experience a great commotion! Lazza made a strong debut with 2126061 streams, Mr. Rain is now in second place with even more streams than his debut.

Here is the ranking of the first 10 songs of Sanremo 2023 based on the number of streams on Spotify on their first day of release:

  1. LazzaCenere (2162051)
  2. Marco MengoniDue vite (1320229)
  3. Mr. RainSuperheroes (1284899)
  4. MadameIl bene nel male (1265025)
  5. UltimoAlba (946581)
  6. Colapesce DimartinoSplash (936534)
  7. ElodieDue (929458)
  8. TananaiTango (926234)
  9. Rosa ChemicalMade in Italy (923911)
  10. Coma_CoseL’addio (901510)

There is certainly no clear favorite as it happened last year when Brividi set a stream record on its first day of release with over 3 million. Yesterday Mr. Rain managed to climb from 17th place in the ranking to third after the jury and public votes took place.  The results show that he was voted very high by the public and the jury. The same goes for Ultimo who moved up from tenth to second place.

Here are the rankings so far:

As we can see, things continue moving on.  Marco Mengoni is relatively safe in first place, but the Sanremo Festival has proven to be unpredictable over the years with its complex voting system. This year it will be even more difficult to predict the winner with five songs entering in the super final!

Tonight the fourth night of Sanremo will take place.  We will enjoy the 28 nominated artists in duets with other artists.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun to follow the Sanremo Festival and Italy’s participation in Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool!

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