Belgium: The Starlings would like to go to Eurovision if internally selected!

The Starlings would like to represent Belgium in Eurovision.  However, it seems that after their experience in the Belgium national selection they would only do it if they are internally selected.

The Starlings ended in second place at Eurosong 2023, only one point behind the winner, Gustaf.  The Starlings were the favourites of the public.  However, the jury placed “Rollercoaster” in fifth place ending their chances to represent Belgium.

The couple seemed particularly unhappy with the choice of the jury and Alexander Rybak ‘s remark about the alleged similarity of their song to a well-known Ed Sheeran song.

In an interview with radio station MNM, the duo talked about their experience at Eurosong 2023.  They also commented on the possibility of representing Belgium in the competition, only if they are internally selected.

“The disappointment is better now. It was a very stressful period in which we worked hard.  It’s very bitter if you lose by just one point. On the one hand we wanted to participate, but on the other hand we didn’t. Not with a national selection anyway. As a household name you have everything to lose in such a qualifying round. That would stop me now. We say no to a national final, but a yes to an internal selection.” The Starlings

Rollercoaster may not be heading to Liverpool.  However, the song has been positively received in the radios.  The Starlings ended their interview mentioning that, although they did not make it, they support Belgium candidate Gustaph.


Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the updates regarding Belgium’s participation in Eurovision 2023, in Liverpool!

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