Eurovision 2024: See in which half each of the 10 qualifiers of the Second Semi-Final will perform!

The Press Conference of the Second Semi-Final is now live in the Press Center, with the 10 qualifiers interviewing and selecting from the pot in which half they perform.

This year there is an extra choice for them. Producer’s choice is added for the qualifiers.

The detailed results are:

  • Greece (First Half)
  • Switzerland (Producer’s Choice)
  • Austria (Second Half)
  • Armenia (Producer’s Choice)
  • Latvia (Producer’s Choice)
  • Georgia (Producer’s Choice)
  • Estonia (Producer’s Choice)
  • Israel (Producer’s Choice)
  • Norway (Second Half)
  • The Netherlands (Producer’s Choice)

Source: Eurovision Reddit

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Eurovision 2024: Georgia’s First Rehearsal!

After the first rehearsals of Latvia and San Marino, it is time to move to the Caucasus region and welcome Georgia on the stage of Malmö. This year Georgia is represented by the talented Nutsa Buzaladze, one of Georgia’s most famous singers and songwriters, with her song “Firefighter“. It is time to set the stage on fire!

Who is Nutsa?

Buzaladze was born in Tbilisi in 1997, but she grew up in Turkey. She started singing even from the age of five years old, when she performed as a member of a children’s group. Later, at the age of eight, she began taking piano lessons as well.

Moreover, Nutsa began her solo career back in 2011 when she competed in Georgia’s Got Talent, while three years later, she gained international attention as she represented Georgia in the New Wave Music Festival, held in Latvia, where she won. She has also taken part in The Voice of Turkey, where she collaborated with her coach, Hadise, who represented Turkey back in 2009 in Moscow with “Düm Tek Tek”. Additionally, she has also taken part in the Georgian version of Your Face Sounds Familiar.

Furthermore, in 2017 Buzaladze released the song “White Horses Run“, which she placed second in the Georgian selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 with. Two years later, she released her debut album, Nutsa22, containing covers of Georgian songs and original English ones. Nutsa has also participated in the 21st season of the American Idol, in which she finished in the top 12.

Last but not least, she has also lived in Los Angeles, and since 2024 Dubai is her permanent residence, where she had also performed at the Expo 2020, the Dubai National Theatre and the Dubai Opera.

The rehearsal:

Time for Georgia to rehearse, with Nutsa Buzaldze singing her dance track Firefighter. She’s competed in a singing competition or two, including American Idol in 2023, where she made the final. Yes, actual American Idol. She did a duet of Can’t Get You Out Of My Head with Kylie Minogue. This feels like a Eurovision fever dream, but there’s video evidence and everything.

Anyway, we know from pre-party season that Nutsa has some powerhouse vocals, and she’s definitely brought them to Malmö. She starts alone on stage on a raised plinth, under a red spotlight and backed by red smoky graphics. At the end of the first verse she’s joined on buy four male dancers in black (with shirts) – it’s a VERY polished, high-energy dance routine with the LED graphics building through the song into sparking balls of flame.

Nutsa’s costume is a shiny gold mini-dress paired with boots – she doesn’t miss a note, despite the energetic routine.


Below you can watch a snippet of Nutsa’s very first rehearsal on stage of Malmö:

Georgia’s second rehearsal is set to take place on Friday the 3rd of May, when we will get a clearer image of what Nutsa and her dancers have prepared to present on stage.

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Listen to the acoustic version of Georgia’s song, in “A Little Bit More”!

Just like last year, some time before the first rehearsals of the countries, the show called “A Little Bit More” aired on the official Eurovision YouTube channel.Advertisement Read more

Georgia: Listen to “Firefighter” by Nutsa Buzaladze for Eurovision 2024!

Back in January 12, GPB, the Georgian public broadcaster, announced that the international star, Nutsa Buzaladze, will represent the country in Eurovision 2024, in Malmö!

A few moments ago, the music video of Nutsa’s song, was released on YouTube.

The song’s title is “Fire Fighter”, composed by Darko Dimitrov and Ada Skidka, and it’s in English.

Litsen to “Fire Fighter” by Nutsa Buzaladze, in the video below:

Who is Nutsa Buzaladze:

The international songstress from Tbilisi has participated in (and won) many different song contests over her career, including a top 12 finish at American Idol in 2023 where she performed a duet with Kylie Minogue on her classic track “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”.

In recent years, Nutsa has lived in both Los Angeles (where she wrote, performed and shot music videos) and Dubai (where she signed a contract with Theater Dubai and performed at Expo) but calls Georgia home.

In 2019 she released her debut album under the name Nutsa22, covering not only Georgian songs but also compositions in English, but it was Gelodebi that became her breakout hit leading her to tour the country with a live band.

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Eurovision 2024: Postcard filming continues!

The filming of the postcards for Eurovision 2024 continues, with two countries confirming that they have commenced filming their very own postcards!

The postcards are the introductory video that we see before the performance of each entry and it presents us with information about the artists, their country of origin and the organizing country.

Last week, the French representative, Slimane, announced that the filming of his Postcard is in progress, while these days Nutsa Buzaladze, the representative of Georgia, revealed that she has also started filming for her own postcard.

At the same time, through a post on Instagram, we saw some pics from the postcard of Raiven, representative of Slovenia, which took place, among other places, in Celje Castle, the residence of Veronika Deseniška, from which her song is inspired:

With the info we have so far, we can assume that this year’s postcards focus on the artists themselves, just as was the case in 2016 when Sweden last hosted the competition, however it is still unknown if the postcards will be recorded in Sweden, each participant’s country , or both.

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Georgia: Nutsa Buzaladze confirms that her song is not a ballad!

Through a post on her personal Instagram account, Nutsa BuzaladzeGeorgia’s representative in Eurovision 2024, revealed more information on her song for the Contest.

In detail, she mentions that she is working really hard for Eurovision, as it’s a dream that she wants to come true since she was a kid. She revealed that she has recorded many songs, from which they chose the three best and then there was the song for Eurovision. As of now, her music video is being made and the song will be released in the beginning of March.

” You will listen to my song in the beginning of March. As you’ve guessed it’s not a ballad. I will not say anything else.This performance is something I’ve dreamed of.”

As we’ve previously informed you, a few days ago, Nutsa Buzaladze was recording in a studio alongside, the well-knowned composer Darko Dimitrov. 

More than 300 songs were submitted to the Georgian Public Broadcaster, for Nutsa to sing in Eurovision 2024.

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United Kingdom: Olly Alexander will film his music video in Tbilisi| Meeting with Nutsa Buzaladze!

The representative of the United Kingdom, Olly Alexander, is currently in Tbilisi, and according to GPB the Georgian public broadcaster, he is about to film the music video of his Eurovision song, “Dizzy”.

A meeting with the Georgian representative, Nutsa Buzaladze was of course in his program, and they even sang together, Olly’s song “King” in the piano.

Olly Alexander spoke to the public broadcaster, and stated the following:

“I love this European contest since I was a kid, when we watched it every year with my family and I think that taking part in the contest is a great opportunity for every artist. In London, I often go to a Georgian restaurant.”

Also, Nutsa Buzaladze was really happy to meet Olly, both having work with Kylie Minogue:

“It was really nice to finally meet him in person. I’m really happy Olly chose Georgia as the first country to visit, and he is also a really nice guy, very friendly, very talented and we had a lot of fun.”

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Georgia: Nutsa Buzaladze in Darko Dimitrov’s studio!

Through a post on her personal Instagram account, the singer and songwriter, Ada Verdi, revealed that she is currently in the studio with the well-known composer Darko Dimitrov, but also the representative of Georgia in this year’s Eurovision, Nutsa Buzaladze.

As many expect, this meeting has something to do with Nutsa’s entry for Eurovision 2024!

Darko & Nutsa

Darko & Nutsa

Who is Darko Dimitrov;

Darko Dimitrov is a legend in Eurovision, who has managed to promote Balkan music, like no one else!

He was born in January 21, 1973, in Skopje, Yugoslavia (today’s North Macedonia), and is the son of the awarded musician and composer Slave Dimitrov. His family has a great history in music, with his grandfather, Blagoja Petrov Karagjule, being a famous tenor but also singer of traditional music. Darko graduated from Skopje’s music academy and is still working in the studio he made with his father and brother named “Studio Dimitrovi”.

His songs have competed in several music festivals, like Skopje FestMakFestOhrid FestSunčane Skale, Budva Music Festival in Montenegro, FERAS Radio Festival in Serbia, Croatian Radio Festival, Split Festival in Croatia, Pamukkale Festival Turkey, the Golden Stag in Romania, as well as Kënga Magjike in Albania!

How will Nutsa Buzaladze’s song be selected?

We remind you that over 300 songs were submitted for Nutsa Buzaladze‘s Eurovision entry, the most of which are signed by international songwriters. Although the process of assessing the nominated songs has commenced, an obvious favourite is not yet apparent. Nutsa herself will evaluate the submissions and she will ultimately decide which song she will perform in Malmö.

The information above confirms the exclusive information we revealed a few days ago, which stated that several well-known composers—mostly from abroad—submitted their proposals to Georgian public television.

In detail, many prominent musicians, including some that have previously participated in Eurovision or national finals, mainly in Northern Europe, have sent in proposals. Their submissions contain a variety of intriguing songs, including dance tracks. Furthermore, Nutsa Buzaladze has disclosed her preference openly, saying that she wants to make people dance.

Since Georgia hasn’t been to the grand final of Eurovision since 2016, the public’s hopes have increased upon learning that Nutsa Buzaladze will represent the country in 2024. Furthermore,the country has now moved up in the betting odds, reaching as high as the 8th place.

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Junior Eurovision 2023: Listen to Georgia’s entry!

Back in June, Anastasia Vasadze was crowned the winner of Ranina 2023, the Georgian selection process for Junior Eurovision, after the decision of a three-member professional jury.

A month ago, it was announced by GPB, the Georgian national broadcaster, that Anastasia would be accompanied on the Junior Eurovision stage by Nikoloz Kharati and Oto Bazerashvili. Nikoloz and Oto, who were renamed as Ranina, were finalists in last year’s national final, Ranina 2022.

Hence, Georgia will now be represented to Nice by Anastasia and Ranina. Their entry “Over The Sky” was released today via the official Youtube channel of Junior Eurovision.

You can listen to “Over The Sky”, below:

The 21st Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Nice, France, on the 26th of November, following Lissandro’s win last year in Yerevan.

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Georgia: Participation in Eurovision 2024 confirmed!

Georgia is the next country to confirm their participation in Malmö in 2024.

GPB, the national broadcaster of the country, confirmed today Georgia’s participation at the upcoming 2024 Eurovision Song Contest. There is no information yet regarding the method through which the next representative will emerge.

Until now Georgia has recorded a negative streak of 6 consecutive eliminations at the Semi-Finals. This year in Liverpool the nation was represented by Iru and the song Echo. Despite the high expectations for this entry, Georgia ended up 12th in the Second Semi-Final with 33 point and thus missed again a spot in the Grand Final.

Source: ESCToday

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