San Marino: The Grand Final of “Una Voce per San Marino 2024” will ultimately be held on February 24!

New information and changes do not stop from coming from the Sanmarinese Eurovision 2024 delegation. Following the reveal of the collaboration between RTV and the London-based startup Casperaki with the aim to bring the first AI Eurovision entry, new regulations regarding UVPSM 2024 were released.

According to the new information, it seems that the Grand Final of UVPSM 2024 is rescheduled and will then be held a week earlier, on February 24, 2024. The regulations also do not rule out another possible reschedule.

The Grand Final of UVPSM will be held at Teatro Nuovo di Dogana, the same venue that has been hosting the selection since 2022.

UVPSM 2024: the entire procedure

As far as it was known, 16 participants will compete in UVPSM 2024 Grand Final.

  • 8 of them would be “emerging artists”
  • and the remaining 8 would be established

The established artists will be selected by RTV without having to participate at any of the following stages of the competition.

Well, the updated UVPSM 2024 regulations give us more insight regarding the emerging artists selection, which will compete at the semi-finals


Following the conclusion of the “Academy and Casting” phase, Una Voce per San Marino 2024 will consist of six semi-finals in total.

  • Four semi-finals will take place in order for the committee to select the artists who will directly advance to the Grand Final as well as those who will advance to the second-chance semi-final(fifth semi-final). The artists participating in the second-chance semi-final will also fight for a spot at the selection’s Grand Final. During these five semi-finals, approximately seven finalists will be decided.
  • Moreover, a sixth semi-final will be held between Sanmarinese contestants. Out of this semi-final, only one contestant will be directly advanced to the Grand Final.
Grand Final

Between 16 participants, the winner of UVPSM 2024 will be decided by a five-member jury. The winner of the selection will therefore have the right to represent the nation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö in terms of meeting the criteria of eligibility of RTV.

Despite this marathon session of a national selection, Piqued Jacks, UVPSM 2023 winners, did not manage to qualify to the Grand Final, finishing dead least with nul points.

Eurovision 2023: The first Dress Rehearsal of the Grand Final!

Just a few minuts ago, the first dress rehearsal of the Grand Final, which is going to take place tomorrow night, took place. Eurovisionfun, was present in the M&S Bank Arena and is here to offer you a small glimpse of the rehearsals of the performances of tomorrow’s Grand Final.

🇫🇷 France – La Zarra – “Évidement”

🇨🇾Cyprus– Andrew Lambrou – “Break A Broken Heart”

🇪🇸Spain– Blanca Paloma – “EaEa” 

🇸🇪Sweden– Loreen – “Tattoo”

🇮🇱 Israel – Noa Kirel – “Unicorn”

What’s next today, is the Jury Rehearsal and as a matter of fact, it will be the first time in this year’s contest, that the jury vote will count, as in the semi-finals, it was the public alone that decided the result.

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Eurovision 2023: Full voting procedures for the contest revealed!

In 2023, a number of changes have been made to the voting system at the Eurovision Song Contest. EBU a while ago through the official website of the contest, revealed the full details of the voting procedures for the upcoming contest.

One of the biggest change from this year is that viewers watching around the world can vote for their favourite songs, alongside of course those in the participating countries. There are also changes to how the qualifiers from each Semi-Final will be decided.

Audience Voting 

For the very first time viewers watching in eligible countries not participating in this year’s competition will also be able to vote in each Semi-Final and the Grand Final. The list of the eligible countries will be announced in the following weeks.

All viewers will be able to vote using the official Eurovision App or go directly to

In addition those watching in the participating countries can vote by telephone and/or SMS, as it used to be in the previous years.

Professional juries

A Professional Jury is appointed by the broadcaster in each of the 37 countries taking part in the competition.

Each Jury consists of 5 members. They will rank the candidate songs according on the following criteria:

– composition and originality of the song,
– quality of the performance on stage,
– vocal capacity of the performer(s),
– overall impression of the act.

The Top 10 songs with the highest ranks are awarded 1 – 8, 10, and 12 points.

Voting in the Semi-Finals

In a change to recent years, only viewers at home will determine the outcome of the two Semi-Finals of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Viewers in the 15 countries taking part in Semi-Final 1 are eligible to vote alongside three of the countries pre-qualified for the Grand Final – France, Germany, and Italy.

Viewers in the 16 countries taking part in Semi-Final 2 are eligible to vote alongside three of the other countries pre-qualified for the Grand Final – Spain, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

Those watching in any other eligible non-participating country can vote via a secure online platform –

Voting will open after the last song is performed for approximately 15 minutes.

When the vote closes the Top 10 most popular songs in each participating country will be allocated points from 1 to 8, 10 and 12 points.

The 10 songs that have received the most votes from the “Rest Of The World” will be allocated points using the same scale and have the weight of one additional voting country.

When all the points from the Audience are added together the 10 countries with the highest number of points will qualify for the Grand Final.

Voting in the Grand Final

Viewers in all 37 countries taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 can vote for the 26 songs in the Grand Final (10 qualifiers from Semi-Final 1 and 2 and THE 6 pre-qualified countries)

Those watching in the participating countries can vote using the official Eurovision Song Contest app, or by telephone and/or SMS. Relevant numbers will be displayed on screen by each participating broadcaster.

Those watching in any other eligible non-participating country can vote via a secure online platform –

Voting will open after the last song is performed for approximately 40 minutes.

When the vote closes the Top 10 most popular songs in each participating country will be allocated points from 1 to 8, 10 and 12 points.

The 10 songs that have received the most votes from the “Rest Of The World” will be allocated points using the same scale and have the weight of one additional voting country.

Each Jury will watch and cast their votes based on Dress Rehearsal 2 which will take place in the evening of Friday 12 May. At the end of the televoting window, the results of each National Jury will be presented live one by one by a spokesperson in each participating country and appear on a scoreboard.

During this time, the EBU, its Voting Partner and Independent Voting Observer will count and verify the audience results.

After all the Jury points are given, the combined total points from the Audiences of the participating countries and the Rest of the World are presented.

The cumulative points total for each country in the Grand Final is then added to the scoreboard, country by country, beginning with the country that was ranked last by the Jury and working up the scoreboard to the country that was ranked first.

The country at the top of the scoreboard at the end of this sequence is the winner.

In the event of a tie, after all points are distributed from the Audience and Jury vote, the winner shall be the song which has which has obtained the highest rank from all the National Audiences and the ROTW Audience.

For more check at


Eurovision 2022: Jury Show of the Grand Final!

The Jury Show of the Grand Final took place today. Twenty-five finalists performed their song once again in front of the experts and audience.

One of the hosts – Laura Pausini opened the show. Right after her performance we witnessed the famous flag parade where all twenty-five acts showed up with their flags when their country’s name was announced.

Here’s the review of all performances:

Czech Republic

Excellent vocals, confident performance. A very jury-friendly song, so juries should’ve definitely paid attention to this. In terms of results, this is probably gonna get a similar result to Cyprus 2021, could be 2-3 places higher or even lower.


WRS was very happy with his qualification and you definitely could see it, he was happier than ever. The crowd sang the song at the same time with him. Unfortunately, he is performing under statistically the worst slot, so I doubt this will be high enough tomorrow. Not sure juries liked this or not either.


Juries should DEFINITELY like this one. So soothing, professional, just wow.


There were issues vocally as per usual, but it looks effective. Knowing juries pay attention to the vocals, I don’t think juries have ranked this one high, although many jurors could have received nostalgic vibes from the performance and from them as a very famous band.


Marius added some vocal changes and was much better this time. Should definitely come top 10 with the jury voting, even though the televise is gonna rank this one down.


Visually excellent, however vocally – lowkey not good. This one is definitely relying on the televoting.


Professional and slick performance from Norwegian wolves. On other hand, this should be loved by juries since they appreciate quality production, on other hand, this is not ‘jury bait’. Somewhere in the middle with jury voting and relying more on televoting.


Rosa was a little bit nervous, but overall a strong vocal performance. Unlike Finland, France and maybe Norway this should be appreciated by professional juries.


Vocally on the same level as Finland. Atmospheric, the beginning looked fascinating. The outfits were completely different from the rehearsals. As a song, it’s jury bait, but I don’t think it’ll be liked by juries that much.


First winner vibes here. Nothing else to say.


A very emotional performance from S10, absolutely magnificent. First candidate for jury top 5 maybe?


Their best performance BY FAR. HAS to do well.


Very emotional, personally enjoyed it a lot. Impressive, but juries won’t go for a rap song.


Excellent! Juries have to have this in their top 10!


Everything was on point. Juries should like this one!


Jeremy delivered a great performance, even though visually it’s kitschy.


The jury winner so far. Touching performance, the vocals were astounding! Has to come top 5 overall. Good job, Ellada!


This one stands out a lot in the lineup. After so many vocal challenging songs in a row, this feels like something we exactly needed to hear. Probably won’t do that well.


FUN!!! However, juries definitely won’t like this one!


Professional and slick. Remember, how bookies underestimated Moldova before the rehearsals and how high Sweden was in the odds. Well, it was kind of boring to watch that performance after Moldova. Nevertheless, juries will go crazy about this one. Top 3 contender.


Sheldon delivered an amazing performance. Kind of worse vocally compared to his other performance but a lock top 10 with juries.

United Kingdom

An obvious jury winner.


Ochman’s one of the best vocalists of this year’s Eurovision. Only for his vocals alone he should be in the top 10!


Winner vibes, but I don’t think juries will support it as much as tele.


Everything is on point! Excellent closer.

Prediction of the Jury Voting

Winner: United Kingdom

Top 3: Greece, Australia

Top 5: Sweden, Spain

6-10: Ukraine, Poland, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland

11-15: Portugal, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Norway

16-20: Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Serbia, France,

21-25: Moldova, Iceland, Finland, Romania, Germany.

Eurovision 2022: The running order of the Grand Final!

The official running order of the Grand Final of Saturday has just been revealed!

The 25 countries will perform as follows:

  1. Czech Republic 
  2. Romania 
  3. Portugal 
  4. Finland 
  5. Switzerland 
  6. France 
  7. Norway 
  8. Armenia 
  9. Italy 
  10. Spain 
  11. The Netherlands 
  12. Ukraine 
  13. Germany 
  14. Lithuania 
  15. Azerbaijan 
  16. Belgium
  17. Greece
  18. Iceland 
  19. Moldova 
  20. Sweden 
  21. Australia 
  22. United Kingdom 
  23. Poland 
  24. Serbia 
  25. Estonia

Who is going to win Eurovision Song Contest 2022?

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Junior Eurovision 2019: How to vote for your favorite songs

The countdown for the grand final of Junior Eurovision 2019 has begun. There are only some hours left to find out which country will be the winner of this year’s contest. After defining the order of songs appearances and analyzing this year’s Junior Eurovision favorites, it’s time to take a look at how to vote.

The vote for Junior Eurovision 2019 is open to the public. It is only enough to have an internet connection and a device to connect to the contest’s site. You can vote for your favorite songs on the contest page, but only after watching a recap of all 19 songs. This video will come from the second rehearsal on Thursday 21 and Friday 22 November.

Once the recap is complete, viewers will be able to vote for their favorite 3.4 or 5 entries. No geographical restrictions apply, so fans can vote for their own country if they so wish. In an effort to avoid duplication of voting, it is necessary to create an account at before voting.

When do we vote?
The vote for Junior Eurovision 2019 is divided into two phases:

 -Phase 1: voting begins at 8 pm today (CET time). This round of voting will remain open throughout Saturday, closing at 15:59 on Sunday, November 24 – shortly before the show begins.
Phase 2 :takes place during the live broadcast. The window will open after the appearance of the last country, Serbia. The second phase will last about 15 minutes.

The way to calculate the final result

Online voting will determine 100% of the public vote as voting by phone or SMS is not possible. Like in Eurovision, the public decides by 50% on the results, with the remaining 50% coming from the votes of each country’s juries. The JESC 2019 Jury will include 3 music industry professionals and 2 children aged 10 to 15 years.

Both the jury and the audience have 1102 points to share in the final songs. The allocation of points, in particular, to the public will be based on the percentage of points that each country has gained in electronic voting. If, for example, a country receives 20% of the votes then it will also receive the corresponding 20% ​​of the available points (20% of 1102 points = 220 points).

The grand final of Junior Eurovision 2019 will take place on Sunday, November 24th at 4pm CET time and you can watch it through the official YouTube channel of the contest by clicking HERE.