American Song Contest: The contest is back | Submission of songs has begun!

Despite the mediocre to bad ratings for the maiden American Song Contest, NBC seems to have not given up on the project and so the second contest is just around the corner, since the submission of entries has begun!

The mediocre performance of the first American Song Contest has not deterred those involved at NBC, who have already begun planning its return. The window for submitting songs to represent the 50 states, the five territories and the capital, Washington, is now open. Last year more than 7,000 songs were submitted, with this year’s number expected to increase.

Alongside the American Song Contest comes the Eurovision Canada, in which artists from each of Canada’s ten provinces and three territories will compete.

The big winner of the American Song Contest was Alexa from Oklahoma, with the song Wonderland.

We remind you that the American Song Contest was broadcast from March 21 until May 9, having five qualifier rounds, two semi-finals and a grand final.

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Source: NBC

U.S.A.: The viewing numbers of the third heat of the American Song Contest!

On Monday, April 4, the American NBC celebrated the third out of eight galas of the American Song Contest . The competition whose winner will be titled the best “original song” from the United States, consists of five preliminary rounds, two semifinals and the grand final on Monday, May 8.

On Monday’s gala, Tyler Braden with the song “Seventeen”, representative of Tennessee, was announced as the third semi-finalist of the American Song Contest, winning the judges’ vote in his preliminary round. Also, Chloe Fredericks (North Dakota), Broderick Jones (Kansas) and Jonah Prill (Montana) were announced as the semi-finalists of the previous qualifier.

The winner of the jury vote, in Heat 4 of American Song Contest:

The third round of the American Song Contest was watched by 1,600,000 viewers on average over its 121 minutes run. The show was the fourth choice in its time slot behind American Idol (ABC), 9-1-1 (FOX) and The Neighborhood, Bob ❤ Abishola and NCIS (CBS).

In the 18-49 age target , the most important at the advertiser level, the third round scored a 0.3% rating (audience over the total population of that age group).

Compared to the previous week, the third round of the American Song Contest left 14.9% of the audience by the wayside . In one week the event has lost 200,000 spectators.

The first part (20:00-21:00) was followed by 1,839,000 viewers (0.3% rating 18-49 years old) and the second (21:00-22:00) by 1,359,000 viewers 0 .2% rating 18-49 years) . In both slots, it was the fourth option of the night with half the audience of American Idol, which it led.

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American Song Contest: Interview with Alexis Cunningham from West Virginia! (video)

Alexis Cunningham , who will represent West Virginia in the first edition of the American Song Contest , speaks exclusively to EurovisionFun and Apostolis Matamis .

Alexis is excited about her participation in the competition while, as she states, she has been involved in music since she was a child, writing stories, lyrics and poems while combining them with her guitar.

Here in America we know about this beautiful competition that has been happening in Europe for 66 years. When the American version became known, some friends urged me to submit a song. I did not want to miss my deadline and due to my great desire I finally submitted an entire album, from which they have chosen this one song that I will represent West Virginia in the competition. I am very grateful and excited about this!

Regarding the competition process, Alexis states that:

There will be five qualifying rounds from which the semifinalists will emerge and finally the ten finalists so that we have a winner. Some participants already have a large audience but I am already so excited to take part in this competition that I have been selected for and I want to enjoy it.

Alexis is very happy for her participation in the American Song Contest and her entry will be about love.

My song is dance, retro, it reminds me of disco and I do not believe that people will expect something like that, but they will love it and want to dance with it. I can not betray the title yet. It is a song about love, about the first youthful love. But it also speaks of love for ourselves, as we must never give up and we must follow our dreams. It’s quite uptempo. 

A teaser of the participation will be released a few days before her participation in the qualifier round while she is already preparing for her stage appearance.

I can not say much about it. It will have rock and roll vibes. It will be retro and colorful. 

She has been watching Eurovision since 2014 when she was in Scandinavia and she was captivated by the fact that all countries unite in one night thanks to music.

Watch the full exclusive interview of Alexis Cunningham  in the  video below:



EXCLUSIVE: The American Song Contest on ERT!

ERT has secured the rights for all eight shows of the American Song Contest, which starts on March 22 and will be broadcast weekly on NBC.

The American Song Contest will be hosted by Snoop Dog and Kelly Clarkson and will involve the 50 US states, the five overseas US possessions and the capital, Washington.

The contest will consist of three rounds: the qualifiers, the semifinals and the grand final. In the grand final, the finalist states will compete for the title of “Best Original Song” of the USA.

The 56 participating artists are expected to be announced in the near future, as there are exactly five weeks left until the start of the American Song Contest.

All of the above will Greek viewers will have the chance to watch them through the ERT, since it will broadcast all eight shows. Greece is added to the list of countries (Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Spain), which have already announced that they will broadcast the competition.

However, this is not the only TV surprise that ERT is preparing on the road to Eurovision 2022…

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