Austria: The announcement of the artist in December!

The national broadcaster of Austria, ORF, is expected to announce in December the artist who will represent the central-european country in the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden.

ORF’s scout Eberhard Forcher posted yesterday the below comment:

“The day before yesterday was the deadline for submissions to the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. WOW ! Unbelievable, how many great songs have come in the last few weeks. Over 60 ! Most of them are still active scouting . Peter Schreiber and my smallness have been on broadband since June probing & motivating . . . . Now the editors will invite the 15 (?) best acts to the ORF Zemntrum for video casting. The clips will then be released to the juries and the ORF will announce its choice in December at the latest. The idea of the planned public voting cannot be implemented this year for legal reasons. So much for that !”

This year Austria was represented in Liverpool by Teya and Salena with the song “Who the Hell Is Edgar?”. They qualified from the 2nd place of the Second Semi-Final, and finished in 15ht place of the Grand Final with 120 points.

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Austria: Is the country organizing a National Final for Eurovision 2024?

After the announcement that Conchita Wurst, is not going to take part in the Austrian national selection for Eurovision 2024, there are numerous scenarios going around, that the public will have their own say at the selection.

Despite their inicial proclamation, that the country is going to have an internal selection once again, the public broadcaster of Austria, ORF, talked about the possibility of a live show selection for picking the representative of Eurovision 2024. If in the end, this scenario ends up being true, then it will be the first national final in Austria since 2016.

As we have informed you, more than twelve artists have been approached directly from the broadcaster. However, anyone interested, can submit their entry until September 30, through the email address

The national selection of Austria last year, besides the jury panel, included live performances in front of a focus group of Eurovision specials.

Teya & Salena represented Austria at Eurovision 2023 with the song “Who The Hell is Edgar” and finished 15th in the Grand Final, bringing their country to the Final after three consecutive non-qualifications:

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Austria: The selection process for Eurovision 2024 begins! | Conchita Wurst among interested artists?

The search for the next representative for Eurovision 2024 has officially begun for Austria, with a former winner of the contest reacting to the call for artists!

Austria’s selection process has begun for Eurovision 2024, with experts looking for artists to potentially represent the country in Sweden. Peter Schreiber, working with ORF in the search for a representative, posted on his instagram a few days ago, aiming to encourage artists to participate in the selection.

Among those who responded to Peter Schreiber’s invitation was Conchita Wurst, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The singer reacted to the post and even commented that she will send a message to Peter Schreiber. However, it is still too early to know whether Conchita is really interested in returning to the contest.

In recent years, the internal selections of ORF, brought Austria a variety of results, icluding the win of Conchita Wurst back in 2014:

2017 – Nathan Trent – “Running On Air” – 16th place in the final

2018 – Cesar Sampson – “Nobody But You” – 3rd place in the final

2019 – PÆNDA – “Limits” – 17th place in the semi-final

2021 – Vincent Bueno – “Amen” – 12th place in the semi-final

2022 – LUM!X ft. Pia Maria –“Halo” – 15th place in the semi-final

2023 – Teya & Salena – “Who The Hell Is Edgar?” – 15th place in the final

Teya & Salena represented Austria at Eurovision 2023 with the song “Who The Hell is Edgar” and finished 15th in the Grand Final, bringing their country to the Final after three consecutive non-qualifications:

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Austria: Teya’s & Salena’s outfits for Eurovision!

The Austrian National Broadcaster ORF has revealed through social networks the outfit of the duo that will wear on the Eurovision stage.

The clothes Teya & Salena will wear were created in collaboration between two designers. Johann Erhardt from Berlin’s “Haderlump” atelier and creative director and stylist Maximilian D’ Antonio took care of the outfits for the two women, who will represent Austria in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Teya commented:

“The outfits reflect our personalities and still go together. Our classic colors will also be seen on the big stage. So it’s not a big surprise, except maybe for those who expected us to appear in secretarial outfits and moustaches.”

Also Salena noted:

“We feel incredibly comfortable and are very excited to see how we will stage the outfits. The team behind the design fully understood and implemented our vision – also in such a way that we didn’t lose our individuality. We love it.”



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Source: ORF

Austria: Teya & Salena have filmed their postcard for Eurovision 2023!

The filming of the postcards of the 37 participants of Eurovision 2023 are now taking place throughout Europe. The next representatives to film their postacard are Teya & Salena from Austria!

The filming of the postcard of Teya & Salena, a short introduction video that will be shown just before their performance in the second Semi-Final, took place in an icing rink and as we can see in the backstage video that BBC posted, the atmosphere was more than positive.

The following acts have confirmed the filming of their postcards:

  • Austria: Teya & Salena – “Who The Hell Is Edgar”
  • Croatia: Let 3 – “Mama ŠČ”
  • Germany: Lord of the Lost – “Blood and Glitter”
  • Lithuania: Monika Linkytė – “Stay”
  • Moldova: Pasha Parfeni –“Soarele și Luna”
  • Poland: Blanka – “Solo”
  • Slovenia: Joker Out – “Carpe Diem”

Austria is set to perform 13th in the second semi-final which is going to take place on May 11 in Liverpool.

You can watch the reaction of our editors, enjoying the Austrian entry for Eurovision 2023:

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Switzerland: Listen here “Watergun” of Remo Forrer for Eurovision 2023!

On 20th of February, it became known from the Swiss Public Broadcaster SRF that Remo Forrer will represent Switzerland in Eurovision 2023 (read the article here).

The time has come for the young artist to reveal his song as it was scheduled today, in 7th of March. The premiere took place through the official YouTube channel of Eurovision.

With his song “Watergun” the 22 year old artist will make his dream come true as he mentioned when it was announced to him that he would represent the country in this year’s song contest.

You can watch the video clip here:

Who is Remo Forrer?

Remo Forrer was born in 2001 in a small town called Hemberg SG. He started playing the flute from an early age, then he switched to the accordion, and then he ended up at the piano, which is still his favorite musical instrument to this day. In addition, he took voice lessons at a music school. In 2017, he was nominated for the talent show of the central Switzerland, where he received the award of Photographers Choice for the best stage performance. One year later, he won the competition “Sing dein Ding” with an acapella group and he was allowed to appear at the Acapella Festival in Pfaffikon SZ. In 2020, he won The Voice of Switzerland.

Switzerland has succeeded since 2019 counting three qualifies in a row and two times being in the top 10 at the Grand Final.

We want to remind you that Switzerland will perform at the second half of the first semi final at 9th of May 2023!

Will Remo Forrer be able to continue the good course of the country in the song contest? Tell us in the comments down bellow!

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Austria: Watch the teaser from “Who the hell is Edgar?” by Teya & Salena!

The time has come for the reveal of the Austrian participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. A while ago the public broadcaster ORF, announced that Teya & Salena will represent Austria at Eurovision with the song “Who the hell is Edgar?”.

The previous month, it became known that Teya & Salena traveled to Prague to prepare the filming of the music video clip for this year’s participation.

Down bellow you will find our article about Teya’s & Salena’s participation in Eurovision 2023:


With the song “Who the hell is Edgar?” the duet will compete in the 67th Eurovision Song Contest aiming for a place in the Grand Final in May. Down bellow you can find the teaser from the video clip of the song:

The song will premiere at 8th of March at 07:30 CET  in the morning show Ö3-Wecker. Afterwards, it will be released in all digital platforms.

We want to remind you that Austria will perform at the second half of the second semi final, at 11th of May 2023.

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Austria: With Teya & Salina in Eurovision 2023!

Austria‘s national broadcaster ORF announced just minutes ago via their website that female duo Teya & Salina will represent the country in Liverpool for Eurovision 2023!

The song will be announced on 8th of March.


Δείτε αυτή τη δημοσίευση στο Instagram.


Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη SALENA (@whothehellissalena)

Who are Teya & Salina?

Teya may not be known as a singer yet, but she has been working successfully as a songwriter for some time now. She has participated in several singing camps in Unified Songs, as well as Eurovision.

TEYA’s newest single, “EX ME” is available on all platforms and is released through Unified Records.

24-year-old Salina comes from a big musical family. He lived in Berlin and Cologne due to her extensive recordings and television appearances on The Voice of Germany.

She moved to Vienna in 2019. In addition, she participated in several preliminary rounds for the national Eurovision selection.

In addition to collaborating with professional songwriters/producers from around the world, she participated in Austria’s show “Starmania” 2021. Her debut single is titled “Pretty Imperfection”.

Austria will be competing on the 2nd Semi-Final on the 11th  of May. After the allocation draw we know that Austria will be on the second half of the show!

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Austria: Eurovision 2023 representative will be announced tomorrow!

Austria’s national broadcaster, ORF, announced a few minutes ago via its website that the announcement of the artist who will represent the country in Liverpool will be made tomorrow during the Ö3-Wecker radio show on Hitradio Ö3, which will be broadcast from 5am to 9am CET.

The Ö3-Wecker show has presented the country’s representative in the Eurovision Song Contest every year since 2017. Because of this many suspect that the announcement of the representative will be made around 6:40 CET as this was the scheduled flow of the show in previous years, but of course this is not confirmed.

As we have already informed you, the representative for Eurovision 2023 is reportedly a woman, with rumours saying that the entry is the female duo Teya & Salina with the song Who the hell is Edgar.

Last year Austria was represented in Turin by LUM!X and Pia Maria with the song Halo but failed to qualify for the grand final as they finished 15th in the first semi-final.

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Austria: With internal selection in Eurovision 2023!

ORF, Austria‘s public broadcaster , has already started the search for a representative for Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool. For another year, Austria will select its representative by internal selection, as has been the practice in recent years.

Last weekend, ORF invited 15 artists who were found through internal live casting , either through the two producers Eberhard Forcher and Lukas Hillebrand . The recorded videos will be rated by the jury of the Austrian channel and some international experts of the Contest (about 25 people) and also by Eurovision fan clubs in several countries.

From those selected so far, ORF program director Stefanie Groiss-Horowitz and entertainment program manager Alexander Hofer will choose who will fly Austria’s flag in Liverpool next May. After three consecutive eliminations , the country seems determined to return to the Final .

Last year’s representatives of Austria were LUM!X and Pia Maria with the song “Halo” who, despite the great interest of the fans in their song, ultimately failed to make it to the Grand Final, finishing 15th  in the  first semi-final :

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