Portugal: With Iolanda and “Grito” at Eurovision 2024!

The last national final of this year was successfully completed! The Festival da Canção 2024, as the country’s public television procedure is called, consists of two semi-finals and a final. A few minutes ago, the grand final was completed with the twelve contestants claimed a ticket to Malmö.

The presenters of the evening were Filomena Cautela and Vasco Palmeirim. Inês Lopes Gonçalves was the presenter in the Green Room.

The twelve songs that claimed the ticket to Malmö were:

Shortly afterwards Mimicat appeared to perform “Ai Coração” the song that won the Festival da Canção 2023 and represented Portugal at Eurovision 2023 where it came in 22nd place.

The Results:

The winner of this year’s Festival da Canção was determined 50% by the jury committees in each region of Portugal and 50% by the TV audience.

The voting of the jury was determined as follows:

The results of the jury

The result after the vote of the TV audience was as follows:

The results of the TV audience and the overall results

After the end of the public vote, the big winner was Iolanda, with the song, “Grito” .


Portugal will perform in the Second Half of the First Semi-Final.

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Junior Eurovision 2023: France is the big winner!

The 21st edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest has just come to an end. Following a tense voting sequence, France with Zoé Clauzure and her song “Coeur” was crowned the winner of this year’s edition just moments ago. Spain finished in 2nd place and Armenia in 3rd place.

The show

Following Lissandro’s win last year in Yerevan, the contest was moved to France for the second time in just three years. Palais Nikaïa, at the homonymous city of Nice, opened its doors today for delegations from the sixteen participating countries. The show was hosted by Laury Thilleman and Olivier Minne.

The number of the participating countries remained the same as last year, as Serbia and Kazakhstan withdrew, while Germany returned after a year of absence. The Junior Eurovision family, also, welcomed a new member, Estonia which made its first appearance today at the stage of Palais Nikaïa.

The show began with Spain and was concluded with the performance of The Netherlands

  1. Spain: Sandra Valero – “Loviu
  2. Malta: Yulan – “Stronger
  3. Ukraine: Anastasia Dymyd – “Kvitka
  4. Ireland: Jessica McKean – “Aisling
  5. United Kingdom: STAND UNIQU3 – “Back to Life
  6. North Macedonia: Tamara Grujeska – “Kaži mi, kaži mi koj
  7. Estonia: ARHANNA – “Hoimame kokku
  8. Armenia: Yan Girls – “Do It My Way
  9. Poland: Maja Krzyżewska – “I Just Need a Friend
  10. Georgia: Anastasia and Ranina – “Over the Sky
  11. Portugal: Júlia Machado – “Where I Belong
  12. France: Zoé Clauzure – “Coeur
  13. Albania: Viola Gjyzeli – “Bota Ime
  14. Italy: Melissa and Ranya – “Un mondo giusto
  15. Germany: Fia – “Ohne Worte
  16. The Netherlands: Sep and Jasmijn – “Holding On to You

The interval acts

Shortly after the the beginning of the Online Voting’s second phase, we had the chance to watch what the French prepared for the interval acts this year.

Evidently, last year’s winner Lissandro who brought the contest to Nice performed his winning song “Oh maman!”.

Later, Amir, the French representative in Eurovision 2016, took the stage singing his Eurovision song “J’ai cherché” as well as his song “Il ya”. A really colorful and vibrant performance!

Laury Thilleman also sang along with the crowd and accompanied with a piano just before the most touching performance of the night. Angelina, Valentina, Enzo and Lissandro, all of them French Junior Eurovision participants, took the stage accompanied with this year’s participants to sing “We Are the World“.

Junior Eurovision 2023 – the voting procedure

The winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023 was decided as following:

  • on a 50% via the Online Voting, which was conducted in two phases (before and during the live broadcast)
  • on the remaining 50% by the participating countries’ national juries. The national jury of each country will include three music industry professionals and two kids aged 10 to 15.
The national juries’ result

At the first place, there was France with 136 points, followed by Armenia with 116 points and Spain with 115 points. Both France, Armenia and Spain received four sets of 12 points from the national juries.

The results of the online voting

As Martin Österdahl informed us, people from no less than 175 countries voted tonight!

France won the online voting with 92 points, followed by Spain with 86 points and Ukraine with 83 points.

Final Results

Combining the national juries’ and the public vote, France with Zoe was declared as the winner of Junior Eurovision 2023 scoring 228 points.

France emerged as the winner of the competition for the second consecutive year, while it is the second time in Junior Eurovision history that a country has managed to win two consecutive editions, the first being Poland (2018-2019). At the same time, this is the fourth year in a row that France wins the jury voting. With France achieving its third victory this year in Nice, it is officially crowned Junior Eurovision “queen” holding a record number of victories(2020-2022-2023), a title it shares with Georgia(2008-2011-2016).

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Junior Eurovision 2023: The results of the Press and the Audience Poll | France is the winner!

In less than 24 hours from now will know the winner of the 21st Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Following the conclusion of the technical rehearsals and the beginning of the Online Voting’s first phase, the first Dress Rehearsal as well as the Jury Final took place today. During the Jury Final, the 50% of tommorow’s results was decided with the remaining 50% to be decided by the online vote.

Press poll

Since the first and second technical rehearsals were not open to press, today it was the first time that the accredited journalists were able to watch the full performances of the sixteen participating countries. Hence, as it is used in Eurovision, a press poll was held within the accredited journalists and was organized by ESC Insight, ESC Discord, That Eurovision Site and L’Eurovision Au Quotidien.

56 accredited members of the press voted, with each one of them awarding 1 point to their top three entries.

The results of the Junior Eurovision’s 2023 press poll were the following

At the top of the poll stands France with 27 points, followed by The Netherlands with the margin of just a point. France and The Netherlands were by far the favorites of the press with United Kingdom finishing third with a six-point margin.

Audience Poll

Along with the usual press poll, an audience poll was also held this year. The results of this poll were decided by the audience attending the Jury Final. It was requested of the audience to select a winner.

The results of the Junior Eurovision’s 2023 audience poll were the following

At the audience poll, France wins by landslide and is followed by Armenia and Spain.

As a result, we can see that France with Zoé Clauzure and “Coeur” easily topped both of the polls conducted today and is a clear favorite for winning the 2023 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. In case the aforementioned scenario comes true and France wins on home soil, it will be the second time in Junior Eurovision history that a country wins in two consecutive editions, with the first being Poland(2018-2019).

The 21st Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be held tomorrow afternoon at 16:00 CET live from Palais Nikaïa in Nice, France. Meanwhile, the online voting is still open and you can cast your votes until 15:59 CET. The show will be also broadcasted live via the official Junior Eurovision YouTube channel

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Loreen: Our favourite moments with the two-times-Eurovision-winner! | Watch the video!

Not only once! Not just twice! Not even three times! It was four times that Eurovisionfun got the chance to meet Loreen in-person, interview her, discuss and most of all have much fun!

You can imagine, Loreen was very busy, gave lots of interviews to many big media around Europe and the rest of the world. Many large (an also some smaller ones) Eurovision fansites approached the Swedish delegation and Loreen’s team to request a short interview with her. But Loreen chose and trusted Eurovisionfun, giving four interviews to our reporters. You can have a look on all four comprehensive interviews by following the links below:

There are many moments that still remain unseen, but you can see many of our backstage moments and bloopers from all the times we’ve met Loreen in the video below:

Special thanks to SVT, Universal Sweden, the Swedish Delegation and Loreen’s team for allowing us to spend so much time with the queen of Eurovision and first woman ever to win Eurovision Song Contest for two times and to Loreen herself for being such a wonderful human being and making our moments with her so much fun!

Until we meet again, cause this is not the end..” We will definitely meet again… This is not the end!

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