Cyprus: Alex Papaconstantinou the composer of the 2019 Eurovision entry

CYBC announced a series of quizzes through it’s official Eurovision Facebook page, so that the audience would interactive more, towards the announcement of the artist who will wave the Cypriot flag in Tel Aviv.

In the first quiz, CYBC asks about the relation between Jennifer Lopez’s hit, “On The Floor”, with the Cypriot entry in the next Eurovision Song Contest.

But which is the connection of this top hit with Eurovision?

As everything seems to be, the link is the creative group behind the song. One of the “On The Floor” composers is Teddy Sky, a partner of Alex P. and Viktor Svensson, who are the VAX team. The Greek-Swedish composer, Alex P. , also hadworked  in the past with Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull in the song “Live It Up”.

Alex P., after the huge success of “Fuego”, decided to continue the collaboration he had with CYBC and together with other international composers to work for Cyprus aiming for another excellent result.

We are waiting for the rest of the CYBC’ s quized until it fully reveals who will represent Cyprus in Israel

Stay tuned in EurovisionFun for all the Cypriot News in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest!

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