Portugal: NEEV explains why he takes part in FdC 2021 with an English song!

Eurovision Buddies continue their interviews with the candidates for this year’s national finals. It was the turn of NEEV, who hopes to represent Portugal, with the song Dancing In The Stars. Read more

Italy: Amadeus wants ABBA in Sanremo 2021!

This is a bomb really. Amadeus in a radio interview on Saturday on Radio 2 revealed that he wants ABBA as guests in Sanremo 2021!

Following the reunion at last year’s Sanremo festival of the legendary Italian band Ricchi e Poveri, Amadeus sets the bar even higher for this year’s edition of Sanremo. According to what he revealed on Radio 2, the artistic director and presenter of the festival, Amadeus, revealed that he eagerly wants to bring ABBA to Teatro Ariston in March!

ABBA has sold millions of records worldwide, and in 1974 they were the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Waterloo.

We remind you that Sanremo 2021 is going to take place from the 2nd to the 6th of March.

See below the appearance of Ricchi e Poveri at Sanremo 2020:

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Italy: Diodato returns to Arena di Verona to sing again “Fai Rumore”!

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Greece: Listen to the song that Leea Nanos submitted to ERT for Eurovision 2020!

Leea Nanos, the Greek-origin artist from Australia, who in 2019 at Australia Decides claimed the representation of her country of residence in the Eurovision contest, revealed in her statements today the song she submitted this year in the closed selection of ERT for Eurovision 2020! Read more

Russia: Back vocalists are revealed

Since the announcement of Sergey Lazarev as Russia’s representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, day by day we get new information about the Russian delegation, and now it’s time for the vocals! As the whole Dream Team is gathered in Moscow for their rehearsal, the backing vocalists informed us about their arrival through their Instagram accounts! Read more

Maruv will support Sergey Lazarev in Eurovision 2019

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Russia: Listen to Sergey’s “Scream”! We scream our enthusiasm out!

Russian entry’s song is officially released and “It’s getting exciting”! Sergey Lazarev will represent Russia with his song “Scream” in Tel Aviv this May, and he seems to be this year’s black horse! “Scream” is a powerful ballad, but totally different to what we’re used to listen from Lazarev and Kontopoulos. It’s a cinematic, demanding and stirring song which shows singer’s high vocal skills. Read more

Russia: Scream’s lyrics revealed. Which is the video clip’s script?

Only a few hours before the official announcement of the Russian entry for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, Scream, the director of the video clip, Konstantin Cherepkov, gave a statement for the script of the video. Read more

Russia: In 9th of March we will listen Sergey’s “Scream” for Eurovision 2019

IT’S OFFICIAL! On Saturday, the 9th of May at 17.00 CET will be held the release of Sergey Lazarev’s song on YouTube, which he’ll sing on the stage at Tel Aviv in May representing his motherland for the second time. The announcement was made by the artist himself through his page on Instagram. At the same post, Sergey decided to thank those who compose this year’s “Dream Team”, while giving his fans more information about the delegation in general.


Δείτε αυτή τη δημοσίευση στο Instagram.


Eng/Rus ‼️The time has come: Saturday 9 March at 16.00 CET we will release the Eurovision entry for Russia. I really hope you will all LOVE the song as much as I did from the first time I listened to it. This is a new journey for me and I am so excited for it. Thank you @fkirkorov not only for your contribution to the song, but most of all for being always there for me like a brother. True friendship exists in show business and you are the best example of this. Thank you @dimitriskontopoulos for this powerful melody, the great production and all of the hours of work you have spent for this song. @Sharon_Vaughn your words gave meaning to the melody. It’s an honor working with you and singing your lyrics. @moscow_symphony_orchestra your contribution gave a different meaning to the song. I am so glad that we managed to bring live orchestra back to eurovision, even in this way. @the_andrew_weed you are the best sound engineer I have ever worked with. @alexpanayi thank you for your patience, you are a true professional. Finally the biggest thanks goes to everyone in channel “Russia” for trusting me, for the second time, to represent our country. I promise you all to do my best in order to honor your decision. “Tears aren’t quiet things …” #sergeylazarev #сергейлазарев #eurovision2019 #Russia photo by @dvelichko ❤️

Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη Sergey Lazarev (@lazarevsergey) στις

First of all, Sergey thanked his close friend Philipp Kirkorov for his constant support admitting that Philipp is a great example which proves that friendship exists at Show Business. Furthermore he didn’t forget to thank some of the Greek members of the “Dream Team”, the composer Dimitris Kontopoulos and the vocal coach Alex Panayi. Additionally, Sergey Lazarev didn’t only thank the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, but also dared to comment that they managed to bring live orchestra back to the Eurovision Song Contest in a way!

But the most important of all, is that we got to know the songwriter, who is the well-known in Eurovision fields Mary Sharon Vaugh. The American songwriter, who lives and works in Sweden, has already cooperated with some of the most popular Eurovision stars, like Mans Zelmerlow, Charlotte Perrelli, Jedward, Alcazar, Boyzone, etc. She also wrote Helena Paparizou’s song “Survivor”, which she competed at Melodifestivalen 2014 with.

Besides the making of the song, there are many other people who work for the best result the Russian delegation can bring. Some of them are the scene director Fokas Evagelinos and the project manager Ilias Kokotos.

The title of the song as it seems is “Scream”. Sergey revealed also a small part of the lyrics:

“Tears aren’t quiet things …”

Let’s not forget that Sergey’s reputation put Russia at the first place of the bookmarkers leaving his hard opponent, Sweden, at the second place with a growing difference. We only have to wait and see whether the song meet fans’ high expectations and let Russia keep being the leader at the odds.

text: Christy Sipsa

Greece: Lyrics of “Better Love” were revealed

In her official YouTube account, Katerine Duska uploaded Better Love’s clip video, which will be premiered online on Wednesday at 21.00 cet. Along with the video were released the lyrics of the Greek entry in Eurovision 2019. Read more