Italy: Diodato returns to Arena di Verona to sing again “Fai Rumore”!

“The killer” always returns to the crime scene and the same seems to be true for Diodato, who returned to the Arena di Verona to perform Fai Rumore once again at the Seat Music Awards. This time, in fact, there was a presence of the public, observing all the prescribed measures and distances to combat the pandemic of COVID-19.

Along with other Italian eurostars, this year’s winner of the Sanremo Festival and representative of Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest, Diodato gave another amazing interpretation of Fai Rumore. The annual night of the Seat Music Awards did not have any awards this year, but was of a charitable nature, for the workers in the Italian music industry, which was hit hard.

The presenter of the event was Carlo Conti, an emblematic figure of RAI, who until a few years ago was the presenter and artistic director of Sanremo.

Immediately after his appearance at the Seat Music Awards, Diodato said he was very excited:

It was such a strong feeling to hear my voice resonate inside this place. Going back and thinking of our cultural legacy is something that is really overwhelming. When I wrote this song I started with my personal feelings.  The night I presented it at the [Sanremo] festival I said it was an invitation to cancel all walls, to bring your humanity out. I thought I had reached my emotional peak by winning the festival and people sending all their love. I would never have imagined….seeing this song become an anthem, a cry of freedom, a desire to express your humanity, a desire to sing this from your balcony. I was so moved by this because it reminded me what music should be doing.


Below you can see Diodato’s appearance at the Seat Music Awards:

RAI has not yet clarified its intentions regarding Italy’s representation at Eurovision 2021, although it has started the procedures for holding Sanremo 2021.

Here is Diodato’s performance at the Verona Arena for Europe Shine A Light in May:


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