Italy: Sanremo 2021 will take place whatever it needs. RAI1 director refutes Amadeus statements!

Amadeus, who is the host and artistic director of Sanremo 2021, said in a recent interview that if the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic does not allow the presence of the audience and the members of the live orchestra at the Teatro Ariston, then the festival will not take place at all. The director of RAI1, Stefano Coletta, denies Amadeus, after he clarifies that Sanremo will be held whatever the circumstances regarding the coronavirus.

In an interview, Amadeus said that there is no alternative plan for Sanremo 2021 and if it won’t be possible to take place in the way we all know, then the festival will be cancelled.

On the contrary, we would say that Stefano Coletta, who is the director of RAI1, ruled out this possibility, saying that Sanremo 2021 will take place, either way. The income from the festival is very important and cannot be overlooked.

Amadeus gave an answer about our choice to do the festival from March 2 to 6, just to give Sanremo a chance to see an ordinary version. There is no RAI 1 season without Sanremo.

Stefano Coletta for the Sanremo 2021.

Then he was asked if the historic festival could take place without an audience, if the pandemic does not allow people to attend the Teatro Ariston, Coletta said it could not be ruled out and everything would be decided when the time came.

We remind you that the names of the candidates in the big category will be announced on December 17, while the Festival will take place from 2 to 6 March. RAI has not yet confirmed whether the country’s representative in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest will be selected through Sanremo 2021.

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