Moldova: Direct assignment for Rotterdam-An inactive method since 2007

The news is already on Twitter and we can confirm it here at EurovisionFun based on our exclusive information. Moldovan Public Television will directly select its participation in Eurovision 2020.

The first discussions have already begun and obviously the artist, but also the creator chosen with direct assignment and not through a national final (O melodie pentru Europa), as Moldova has always chosen for the contest, are both widely recognised.The country uses this method constantly since 2007, when it selected its  representative internally for last time.

Any announcements, however, are not expected to be made soon. As for the rumors about the return of the DoReDos, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

In Tel Aviv the country was represented by Anna Odobescu with “Stay”, composed by Greek artist George Kalpakidis. Unfortunately, with the 85 points the song gathered failed to qualify for the second semifinal, finishing 12th.

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