Albania: Elvana Gjata and “Me tana” sweeps on YouTube trends in Europe

With the air of the favorite it looks like Elvana Gjata will be competing at the 2019 Festivali i Këngës 2019 with “Me Tana”, the song to compete with, having already surpassed 900,000 views on YouTube and it is only a matter of hours before it reaches 1,000 .000.

The song as it is reasonable and the number of views has not only made sense in Albania. In fact, ethnic-pop “Me tana” is currently at # 28 on Greek YouTube trends with a steady rise since it was at # 37 just hours ago.

The song is also featured at # 9 in Trends in Northern Macedonia, at # 23 in Switzerland, at # 44 in Germany while at # 35 in Turkey.

Second in the “battle” of the projections is Arilena Ara’s “Shaj” ballad with about 600,000 fewer views than Elvana while third is Kanita and “Ankth” with about 110,000 views.

Will Elvana Gjata be Albania’s spokesperson in Rotterdam, The Netherlands?

The two FiK semifinals will take place on December 19th and 20th, while the Grand Final, where we will also learn Albania’s 17th representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, will take place on December 22nd. Alketa Vejsiu will be the host of the Festivali i Kenges 58.


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