Greece: The extroversion is the goal of ERT

New administration of ERT presented today its plans and “vision”  to reporters covering television reporting. The main purpose of the next television season is to win the television bet, even after many years of betting on entertainment. Of course, the presentation could not miss the reference to Eurovision, which remains the strongest paper on Greek public broadcaster.

The ERT administration has committed to prepare a program (in the full sense of the word, as we refer to television and radio stations) that will have content that will appeal to the majority of the television audience.

The evidence presented by ERT CEO George Gabritsos in his speech is many, interesting and ambitious we would say! But what has been said many times is that ERT intends to become an extrovert, which means that it will give its viewers more attention. The main objective of ERT is to increase the viewership.

So for the next season, in 2020-21, ERT will have a full schedule focusing on entertainment. So ERT1 will be a channel that will not only have information but also entertainment. It is no coincidence that series (such as the one that will bring Victoria Hyslop’s signature) are on the air next season, and new releases.

For the current season, as the CEO said, few new productions were planned by the previous administration. A sample is expected to be received in the coming days, as we have informed you, and what mechanism will be used by ERT to choose our participation in the upcoming Eurovision Contest. The days that for some people in ERT, the competition was faced with disgust and disgust, have gone irreversibly and hold on to what we are told, the new administration has taken it very patriotic and wants nothing more than to bring Greece back to the top 10 in the standings. So it may be late, as some say in the official announcements … but many are already being prepared!

So with our wish, ERT will win the position it deserves among viewers and society!


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