Greece: Watch the very first live performance of “Last Dance” by Stefania! (Video)

Stefania‘s very first live performance has just been completed. This year’s representative of Greece has performed her entrty, “Last Dance“, for the very first time live, accompanied by a piano.

This performance took place within the show Our Best Easter, this year’s Easter show on the Greek public broadcaster, ERT, where Stefania was invited.

This live performance of “Last Dance” will be immediately uploaded on the official YouTube channel of the Contest, as a part of the acoustic performances of this year’s entries. Another live performance is going to take place in the Eurovision episode of Your Face Sounds Familiar next Sunday, May 9th.

Enjoy Stefania‘s first live performance of “Last Dance” in the video below:

Albania: “My grand father was Greek, that’s why my name is Greek” | Anxhela Peristeri speaks at ERT!

In the news bulletin of ERT, the representative of Albania in Eurovision 2021, Anxhela Peristeri, was hosted. Among other things, she mentioned her Greek origin.

As she stated, in fluently Greek, the contest was for quite years one of her dreams and goals:

What you give you take. So we must do good to others in order to get something good. My composer and I thought every year to take part in FiK but we were always busy. This year, due to the pandemic, we had time to deal with and find a nice song between two or three that we wrote and went to the competition.

She even mentioned her origin and her relationship with Greece:

My grandfather was Greek, so my last name, Peristeri, is also Greek. I worked in Greece, I have collaborated with Paola, Antonis Remos, Valantis and Lena Papadopoulou. Albania is my homeland, I was born and raised here, I became famous here and people supported me and they still support me. Greece is a beautiful country that I adore, there I have most of my friends and I spent my best years.

You can watch all the interview in the video below:

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Greece: “Last Dance” is Stefania’s song for Eurovision 2021!

It is a fact, ERT a few minutes ago revealed the title of the song that will represent Greece at the 65th Eurovision Song Contest, in May in Rotterdam. The committee of the Greek public television decided that out of the five songs that Stefania’s synthetic team submitted to the crisis, Last Dance is the one that will be the 41st Greek entry in the contest!

The ERT Press Release:

Με το τραγούδι «Last dance» και τη Stefaniaη Ελλάδα στην Eurovision 2021

Με ένα χορευτικό τραγούδι που έχει τον τίτλο «Last dance» η Στεφανία Λυμπερακάκη (Stefania) θα εκπροσωπήσει την Ελλάδα στον 65o Πανευρωπαϊκό Διαγωνισμό Τραγουδιού της  Eurovision 2021, που διεξάγεται από τις 18 έως τις 22 Μαΐου στο Ρότερνταμ της Ολλανδίας, μετά την περσινή αναβολή του λόγω της πανδημίας του κορωνοϊού. Το «Last dance» είναι μια σύνθεση των Δημήτρη Κοντόπουλου, Arcade, Sharon Vaughn, ενώ creative director για την οπτικοποίηση του τραγουδιού θα είναι ο Φωκάς Ευαγγελινός.

Η σχετική απόφαση ελήφθη από κοινού από την επιτροπή που συγκροτήθηκε στην ΕΡΤ για την επιλογή του τραγουδιού, σε συνεργασία με την καλλιτεχνική ομάδα της Στεφανίας στην οποία ανατέθηκε η επιμέλεια της συμμετοχής στην 65η Eurovision, ύστερα από ακρόαση πέντε τραγουδιών που προτάθηκαν από τους δημιουργούς. Υπενθυμίζεται ότι η Ελλάδα θα εμφανιστεί στον Β΄ Ημιτελικό, που έχει προγραμματιστεί στις 20 Μαΐου 2021.

Stefania’s “last dance” with a recipe for success

Stefania (Stefania Lymperakaki), now 18 years old, will have another opportunity to represent Greece in the Eurovision contest, after its cancellation last year due to the pandemic. With a completely different song from SUPERG!RL, ​​Stefania hopes to move the audience of Europe and Australia, achieving a very good result.

Dimitris Kontopoulos, ARCADE and Sharon Vaughn, all important creators with parchments inside and outside the contest, hope that 2021 will be the year of Greece. Fokas Evangelinos is preparing to do a great job, making another stage presentation that will be discussed.

The next steps of the Greek delegation

On Sunday 10/1 Stefania is coming to Greece again, in order to make the final recording of Last Dance. The song is orchestrated and as a production is in its final form. The video clip will take place in February, with director Kostas Karydas as director for the second consecutive year.

The presentation of the song will take place in March, without having yet decided how. Do not forget that at the end of March, the Greek delegation must deliver to the EBU the live on tape video, while at the meeting of the HoDs, which is scheduled for March 15, in addition to the video clip, it must have submitted the complete concept of the stage appearance.



ERT’s expectations for Last Dance are high

Both the artistic team and ERT have high expectations from the Greek entry this year. Everyone’s goal is to place high in the standings, achieving the best result of Greece in the last 10 years in the contest.

Eurovisionfun is one of the lucky ones who listened to the song and we agree that this targeting is completely realistic. The song is faithful to the musical current of the time (80s pop), but with a modern orchestration, highlighting in the best way the voice skills of Stefania. It could very well be a song by Dua Lipa, while it also stands out lyrically.

It also has messages for the difficult situation we all experienced in 2020, with young people “missing” important moments, from the most beautiful period of their lives, but the future must be bright, since it can not and will not be the last dance…

We remind you that Greece will compete in the first part of the second semifinal of Eurovision 2021, on May 20.

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Greece: This is how Stefania’s song for Eurovision 2021 will be decided! EXCLUSIVE

The time for decissions in Greece have arrived! In the coming days, ERT will announce the way it will choose the song with which Stefania will participate in the 65th Eurovision Song Contest. Eurovision Fun exclusively brings you the latest information.

Five songs for Stefania

As it has already become known, Stefania on her last trip to Athens, recorded five potential songs for Eurovision. Among them there is a song that the young singer and her team choose in order to be the song that will be the Greek entry in the contest.

The composers of these five songs, of course, are the same group that signed SUPERG!RL. Dimitris Kontopoulos, Sharon Vaughn and ARCADE.

ERT’s decision to select the song

In the coming days, the ERT team that deals with the contest, will meet once again, in order to make the final decisions on how to choose the Greek entry in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

According to all our exclusive information, the preferred solution is the internal choice. The new television data due to the pandemic, the time limits that are narrowing at a time when this year requires more time for the artistic team to prepare the live on tape video, but also the difficulties that exist in travel, made ERT revise the initial of her plans, which was to conduct an open selection.

The above practically means that a process similar to the one followed in the last two years will probably be chosen. Before one wonders why there is no an online process like the one in the Czech Republic or in part in Israel, the answer is that it is not possible at the moment. Stefania recorded 5 demos, they are not complete recordings. If this choice was hypothetically chosen, Stefania would have to come to Greece again in the next few days (to pass the necessary quarantine), complete the recordings and then proceed to the online voting. Another month would be wasted, while the candidate songs would have to be made public so early, something the artistic team does not want.

However, fortunately, and if the situation with the pandemic is brought under control, ERT intends even next year to hold a national final for the selection of the Greek entry, listening to the desire of many artists, but also fans.

ERT loves Eurovision and if we think about the shift of Greek public broadcaster to a commercial and entertainment program this year, we are optimistic that we will see beautiful things in the part that concerns the contest.

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Greece: Stefania is in the studio for the recording of her Eurovision song l Watch the video!

After the recording for Uku Suviste and Natalia Gordienko is completed, today it is Stefania’s turn. The Greek representative in Eurovision 2021, has arrived in Athens today, to record the five candidate songs that her team will submit to ERT, for the selection of the Greek entry!

Stefania will have a full week, with recordings, TV appearances and interviews, in the first act of the project, Greek participation for Eurovision 2021.

Stefania has returned to Greece after her summer vacation, but this time for the preparation of her Eurovision participation. In cooperation with Dimitris Kontopoulos, ARCADE and Sharon Vaughn she will record the five final songs that they will submit to ERT, at a later time, in order to highlight the song with which the 18-year-old singer will represent Greece in Rotterdam.

A few minutes ago, Stefania has posted on Instagram a video from the preparations of the Greek delegation, in which she is in studio to record her Eurovision song.

Her first TV interview is expected to be on Nantia Kontogiorgi ‘s flERT, while appearances on private channels will follow. So far it has not been decided how ERT will choose the song that will represent Greece in the contest, with all the scenarios remaining on the table. It is still unknown, if an internal selection or a live show with public vote will be used to determine Stefania’s song in the Eurovision 2021.

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Greeece: Stefania to record her Eurovision entry in September!

ERT, which in recent months has shown great mobility at all levels, preparing a very rich program for the autumn, with ambitious and meticulous productions, still keeps its papers closed regarding the Eurovision Song Contest. Read more

Greece: Sabrina who was a candidate in the national final of 2003, believes that should have done better than Mando!

Sabrina who was a famous Greek singer, mostly in 90s and 00s, gave an exclusive interview today on Open TV. Among the other things she was asked was about her attempt to represent Greece at Eurovision 2003. Read more

Greece: ERT Working Group on Eurovision 2020 just revealed| All the names

ERT’s  Eurovision 2020 Working Group announced! The five-member committee, headed by Dimitris Papadimitriou for a second consecutive year, has been tasked with delivering an opinion / proposal to the company’s board of directors for the artist who will represent Greece in May in Rotterdam!

The decision signed by the company’s CEO, Mr. Gabritsos Georgios, was announced at today’s meeting of ERT’s management with the reporters of the television reporting, consisting of:

1. PAPADIMITRIOU Dimitris – Composer, Member of the Board of Directors of ERT SA (Chairman)
2. ADAM Petros – Music Producer (Member)
3. MARKAKIS George – Journalist (Member)
4. PETRIDIS Giannis – Music Producer (Member).
5. KOUFOPOULOU Maria – ERT SA International Relations Manager (Member)

It is worth noting that ERT is moving much faster than last year, since the corresponding committee for Eurovision 2019 was set up on 10 January! This announcement also fully confirms the EurovisionFun report on the non-completion of a national final in 2020.

According to the announcements, ERT wants to choose its participation before the holidays so that it has the right time to prepare as best as possible, with the aim of returning Greece to the top ten. The selection for 2020 will also be made by direct assignment.


Greece: The extroversion is the goal of ERT

New administration of ERT presented today its plans and “vision”  to reporters covering television reporting. The main purpose of the next television season is to win the television bet, even after many years of betting on entertainment. Of course, the presentation could not miss the reference to Eurovision, which remains the strongest paper on Greek public broadcaster.

The ERT administration has committed to prepare a program (in the full sense of the word, as we refer to television and radio stations) that will have content that will appeal to the majority of the television audience.

The evidence presented by ERT CEO George Gabritsos in his speech is many, interesting and ambitious we would say! But what has been said many times is that ERT intends to become an extrovert, which means that it will give its viewers more attention. The main objective of ERT is to increase the viewership.

So for the next season, in 2020-21, ERT will have a full schedule focusing on entertainment. So ERT1 will be a channel that will not only have information but also entertainment. It is no coincidence that series (such as the one that will bring Victoria Hyslop’s signature) are on the air next season, and new releases.

For the current season, as the CEO said, few new productions were planned by the previous administration. A sample is expected to be received in the coming days, as we have informed you, and what mechanism will be used by ERT to choose our participation in the upcoming Eurovision Contest. The days that for some people in ERT, the competition was faced with disgust and disgust, have gone irreversibly and hold on to what we are told, the new administration has taken it very patriotic and wants nothing more than to bring Greece back to the top 10 in the standings. So it may be late, as some say in the official announcements … but many are already being prepared!

So with our wish, ERT will win the position it deserves among viewers and society!


Greece: Working Group composition not to be announced soon| The way Greek participation will be selected! EXCLUSIVE

The announcement of the ERT working group was widely expected this week, following reports that confirmed it. In the end, this has not happened and will not be done until at least the final details of the procedure to be followed by ERT for the selection of the greek representative at Eurovision 2020 will be settled.

The committee may not have been announced, but that does not mean that ERT is not preparing for its next involvement. It has already held a number of formal and informal meetings over the past period and appears to have come up with the procedure to choose this year’s representative.

An open national final is not going to take place as we have written for months, since neither the time nor the ability to organize something worthwhile would have been possible. What qualifies is an internal choice. Indeed, it is very likely that there will be some kind of open invitation to interested artists and creators. The working group, which this year will be a 6-member group, in which the composer Dimitris Papadimitriou will again participate, will be invited to propose to the Board of Directors the best of the proposals. Then the Board of Directors. whether or not to approve the proposal of the working group.

The working group will be announced in the coming days (with no announcement coming next week), after all the details of the selection process have been settled and decided. In addition,  these days the head of the Greek Delegation  and International Relations Manager, Maria Koufopoulou, is in Geneva, in the General Assembly of the EBU.

Anyone in a hurry should think that the relevant  announcement last year was made on 10 January. The intention of the new ERT administration is to do everything possible for Greece to be at the top 10 of the Eurovision 2020 rankings and we do not hide that we are optimistic that it will do so!